Circle of Yggdrasil

Druids that enters the circle of World Tree understand a fundamental law; there are many worlds and each must be respected and protected, in its own way. The bond with nature must change accordingly to what “nature” means in each realm and this circle has sworn to blend with the forces of every part of the Yggdrasil.

Soul Under the Bark

Starting at 2nd level, at the end of a long rest, choose a favored energy type: radiant or necrotic. The other becomes your adverse energy type.

As long as you are on your native World, you gain the following benefits:

  • You add your Wisdom modifier to damage rolls of spells and cantrips that deal the damage of your favored energy type;
  • You have advantage on saving throws against effects that deal your adverse energy type;
  • You have resistance against your adverse energy type;
  • While you are in Wild Shape, every time you successfully hit a creature with one of your natural attacks, you can decide to switch the damage to your favored energy type.

When you are on other Worlds, the GM can choose two different energy types in accordance with the nature of the World. You decide which one becomes your favored and which one becomes your adverse.

Branch Explorer

Starting at 6th level, while you are on your native world you can detect the presence of non-native creatures within 60 ft. as an action. This ability gives you the number and the general direction, but not any information about the type of creatures, nor their precise location. When you are somewhere other than your native world, you are acclimated to their extreme conditions. You have advantage on saving throws caused by environmental conditions.

Leaf of the World Tree

Starting at 10th level, you can call the very essence of another world to aid you. As an action, choose one world other than the one you are on. A spherical area with a radius of 40 ft. centered on you becomes imbued with the characteristics of that world. This area is fixed in space and it does not change the local geography, nor does it materialize any creature of the chosen world. This effect lasts 1 minute. The area counts effectively as part of the chosen World, changing the laws of magic and physics accordingly. At the GM’s discretion, this feature might introduce hazardous condition from the chosen world.

Shaker of the Roots

Starting at 14th level, every time you score a critical hit or cast as spell of 1st level and above, you emit a blast of your favored energy type within a 10-foot radius around you. Enemy creatures inside the area take 2d6 damage, or half damage on a successful Dexterity saving throw.

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