College of Hexes

Arcane dancers and musicians demonstrate their magical ability through ritual dances and exploit charms that draw their beneficial power from rhythm and melody.

Convulsive Rhapsody

At 3rd level, you can force your opponents to dance, often frantically, following the rhythm of your music.

When a hostile creature begins its turn within 30 feet of you, you can use your Reaction and spend a Bardic Inspiration die to use this feature and perform a bizarre melody. The target creature will have its speed halved and Disadvantage on Dexterity Saving Throws and Disadvantage on the first attack of each turn, for as long as the effect lasts. The Convulsive Rhapsody continues for a number of rounds equal to the result of the Bardic Inspiration dice spent.

Notes of Ancient Traditions

At 3rd level, you can use your music to support the exorcism of dark forces and to pass on religious dogmas and otherwise forgotten folk traditions. As an action you must continuously play your instrument for no less than 10 minutes to perform this ancient tune. Up to four targets who can hear this melody, full of memories of the land and of the ancestors, will have Advantage on Intelligence (Religion) checks for 8 hours. This feature can be used once, then you regain its use after you complete a long rest.

Irrepressible Dance

At 6th level, your coordination of movements and sense of rhythm improve significantly, allowing the following maneuvers to be carried out:

  • Moving, during your turn, by at least 20 feet but finishing the movement no more than 10 feet from the starting point, you can use a bonus action to force a target that you can see within 10 feet to make a successful Wisdom Saving Throw (the DC is the same as your spells’) or instinctively emulate your convulsive movements: you can move the target 10 feet in any direction; this movement causes Opportunity Attacks.
  • When you use your action to perform a Dodge and you move at least 20 feet during your turn but finishing the movement no more than 10 feet from the starting point, the bard can make a melee weapon attack as a bonus action; you may spend a Bardic Inspiration dice and add it to the damage of this attack.
  • When you take the Disengage action, your speed increases by 10 feet.

Elemental Aegis

At 6th level, you can spend a spell slot of 1st level or higher as a Reaction when you take fire, lightning, cold, or thunder damage. The damage taken is reduced by 1d8 per spell level of the slot spent.

Primeval Strike

At 8th level, you gain the ability to infuse your attacks and spells with primal energy. Once per turn, when you hit a creature with a melee weapon attack or a cantrip learned through Sparks of Creation, you can deal 1d6 additional damage to the target. This damage can be chosen between fire, cold, lightning or thunder, of your choice. This damage increases to 2d6 when you reach 14th level.

Dance of Swords

At 14th level, your dance becomes indistinguishable from a fencing exercise. During your turn, you can spend a Bardic Inspiration die to increase your speed by 20 feet until the end of your turn. If you perform an attack action on this turn, you can make a single melee weapon attack against each target that is within the reach of your weapon at any point during your movement for the turn.

Each attack made in this way has a damage bonus equal to your Charisma modifier. This movement does not provoke attacks of opportunity from targets hit by your attack.

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