College of Mercenaries

There are some bards who find it necessary to travel with groups of others for their own safety. These mercenary champions enhance the abilities of those around them, in order to protect themselves best as possible. In these bards’ eyes, those around them are for the most part expendable, while the story is the most important thing: so long as the story survives, that is all that matters.

Ally Switch

At 3rd level, as a reaction when a hostile creature becomes adjacent to you, you can roll a die of Bardic Inspiration to attempt to switch places with a willing creature. You and the creature can move to the others’ original squares at a pace of 5 feet times the result of the Bardic Inspiration die. If both of you make it to the others’ original squares, this movement does not provoke opportunity attacks. If you do not make it to the others’ original square, you move as far as you can before stopping, provoking opportunity attacks as normal.

Speedy Performance

Also at 3rd level, when you grant a creature Bardic Inspiration die, you gain 10 feet to all your movement speeds for one minute after it is used.

Improved Critical

At 6th level, your attacks score a critical hit on a roll of a 19 or a 20.

Stalwart Defense

At 14th level, as a reaction when you score a critical hit against a creature, you can roll a Bardic Inspiration die to rally your allies in triumph, granting all allies including yourself within 30 feet a number of temporary hit points equal to the result of the roll + your Charisma modifier.

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