College of Ricochets

Legends tell of a harp wielded by the Dagda, a mighty father god of the Tuatha Dé Danann. The Dagda represents fertility, nature, fatherhood, and druidic wisdom. It was said that by playing a special chord on his harp, he could change the seasons and incite intense emotion. This great instrument was stolen from him by the mortal enemies of the Tuatha Dé – the Fomorians. Try as they may, they could not get the harp to produce sound, as it would only produce sound for the Dagda. At his command, the Dagda summoned the harp and it flew with haste back to him killing nine men on the way.

Harper of the Dagda

When you join the College of Ricochets, you come into possession of a unique custommade instrument — the Uaithne. An intricately crafted tool of beauty and violence, the Uaithne is lightweight, nigh unbreakable, and most importantly — bladed. Through a ritual concert of astounding magic, the Uaithne has been bound to you. It will always return to you when called upon. The Uaithne is a musical instrument and exotic weapon that you are proficient in. It has the Finesse and Thrown properties, a range of 30/60, and deals 1d8 damage. As a bonus action, you can command the Uaithne to return to you as long as it is on the same plane as you. It will by default take the most direct path possible doing whatever damage necessary along the way. The innate magical nature of the Uaithne gives it several unique properties. No one but you may produce music from the harp. Any attempts to pluck the strings result in silence. The Uaithne holds one charge which you may use to cast Heroism, Sleep, or Tasha’s Hideous Laughter. The harp regains one charge after a long rest.

Whirling Ripper

Starting at 3rd level, after you make a thrown attack with the Uaithne, whether it hits or misses, you can choose to have it occupy an adjacent space to your target and float midair. While the Uaithne is floating this way, you can use your reaction to make opportunity attacks as if you were standing there. As an action, you can make melee and thrown attacks as if you were standing in that space. The Uaithne cannot be controlled in this way further than 60 feet from you.

Accurate Arc

Starting at 6th level, you adapt to the intricate aerodynamics of the Uaithne and hone your throw. Choose one of the following options.

  • Backspin. If you miss a thrown attack with the Uaithne, you can make an attack with advantage against another target within 30 feet of you as the instrument returns. This unexpected blow deals an additional amount of damage equal to your Charisma modifier.
  • Dúnmharú Preab. When you hit a thrown attack with the Uaithne, it ricochets violently with murderous intent. Make an additional attack against another target within 15 feet of your original target at disadvantage. You can continue making attacks this way at a cumulative -1 per target until you miss.

Phantasmal Duplicate

Starting at 14th level, the magical bond between you and your instrument is so intense, you can create a duplicate of the Uaithne made of pure magical resonance. When you use your action to make a thrown attack with the Uaithne, a duplicate appears in your hand. You can use your bonus action to make a thrown attack with the duplicate. The duplicate disappears at the end of your turn. Additionally, you can cast the spell Control Weather without consuming a spell slot. Once you cast this spell, you cannot use it again until you finish a long rest.

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