College of the Playwright

There are bards who prefer to use the art of language in ways other than song. Bards in the College of the Playwright use their skill to write incredible works that reveal their true magic when performed. By writing epic poems, heroic stories, cunning satires, and stirring orations, these bards unleash the magic of dramatic or comedic performance through the spoken word.

Bonus Proficiencies and New Spell

When you join the College of the Playwright at 3rd level, you gain proficiency with calligrapher’s supplies.

You also learn the minor illusion cantrip if you don’t know it already, and it does not count against the number of bard cantrips you know.

Inspiring Speech

Starting at 3rd level, you can write out a speech, soliloquy, poem, or a comedic routine during a long rest, expending one use of your Bardic Inspiration to imbue it with magic.

A creature can read the speech aloud off the page as a bonus action. That creature can then choose another creature within 60 feet that can hear it. The chosen creature gains the Bardic Inspiration die expended when you created the speech and can use it as though it were gained through your Bardic Inspiration feature. The speech loses its magic after it is used in this way.

You may only have a number of magical speeches equal to your Charisma modifier written at a time; if you try and compose another speech, the previously written one loses its magic.

Magical Monologue

Beginning at 6th level, you can write a singular monologue and imbue it with magic during a long rest. Choose a bard spell that you know at 5th level or lower. While writing the monologue, you cast the spell as normal, but the effect does not take place.

Instead, any creature that can read the speech and speaks the words aloud can cause the chosen spell to come into effect using your spell save DC, spell attack bonus, and spellcasting ability modifier. The time it takes to read the monologue is the same amount of time it takes to cast the spell.

You may only have one such monologue at a time, and if you try and compose another the previous loses its magic. You cannot compose one of these monologues and a speech from your Inspiring Speech feature during the same long rest.

Inspiring Performance

By 14th level, your oratory skills and rhetoric are the pinnacle of inspiration. If you read one of the speeches created with your Inspiring Speech feature, you can choose to expend any number of your remaining uses of Bardic Inspiration. The creature you inspire with the speech gains an additional Bardic Inspiration die for each additional use you expend beyond the first.

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