Cunning Woman

Sorcerers are not well regarded in the Northlands, as indeed are all practitioners of arcane magic. Sorcerers get singled out for special persecution because their powers seem to erupt spontaneously and can appear in any person, anywhere. Furthermore, as there is not an established means of training young sorcerers, they often cause havoc and death with their new found and barely controlled abilities.

There is one type of sorcerer that is common and popular amongst the northlanders, and that is the cunning woman. This bloodline is strong, and families that have one cunning woman in their midst often have several, indeed it is not unheard of for every woman in a bloodline to express sorcerous powers. What makes cunning woman so well thought of is that their powers are generally not of the destructive kind, but instead provide a source of healing magic that is very rare in the Northlands. Young cunning woman receive training and a place in society that is honored and respected, something that other sorcerers in the Northlands can only dream of.

Cunning woman, and they are always woman, are skilled healers with both mundane and magical skills. They often live on the edge of a settlement, not because they have been banished but do to the fact that their herbal remedies require extensive gardens and access to uncultivated lands. Those in need of the services of a cunning woman are welcome as long as they are polite, and payment is most often based on the means of their patients as opposed to the cost of the medicine or spells. There is a marked downside to being a cunning woman, and that traditionally they do not marry, though to perpetuate their bloodline they still must build some form of sexual relationship with men, often long term partnering that outwardly has all the hallmarks of marriage. Largely this is because folk wisdom says that cunning women are poison to their mates and cause them to die early.

Also, many godi have a somewhat adversarial relationship with the local cunning woman. As most godi are only part time priests, they do not always receive spells from the gods, and thus may or may not be able to help when called (assuming they aren’t busy doing something else as their full-time job). This means that most people go to the cunning women for their routine medical needs, and especially in emergencies, thus cutting the godi (who expect some form of donation or offering) out.


Beginning at 1st level when you choose this origin, you add cure wounds to your spells known. As you increase in level you gain additional bonus spells known as shown on the table below:

Cunning Woman Bonus Spells
Level Bonus Spell Known
3rd prayer of healing
5th lesser restoration
9th greater restoration
11th heal
13th regenerate
17th mass heal

Also at 1st level, you gain proficiency in the medicine and survival skills, as well as Runic.

Evil Eye

Beginning at 6th level you gain the ability to channel your magical power into a deadly attack. You look at a target and foretell their doom. Make a magical attack, and if you hit the target suffers 1d8 psychic damage. You may spend sorcery points to increase this damage by +1d8 per sorcery point spent.

Blessed by the Norns

At 14th level, as a bonus action you may declare the result of a single roll. This may be a roll that you are making or one that anyone within 30 feet of you is making. Pick up the die (or dice for a damage roll) and set it down to whatever number you want. Other class features, racial traits, spells, or anything else cannot change this, it is the wyrd of the target. You may do this once and regain use of it following a long rest.

Ultimate Cunning

At 18th level you begin to surpass the bounds of mortals. As an action you may spend 5 sorcery points to cast any spell of a level you can cast even if you do not have access to the spell list it is found on.

Also at 18th level, when you die you are reborn as a child of a blood relative. You do not have the cunning woman bloodline and may live a normal life as a reward for a lifetime of service.

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