Dark Heart Warlock Patron

Despite pretenses to the contrary, the darkness of humans craves worship and obedience.

Dark Heart Expanded Spells
Spell Level Spells
1st vicious mockery
2nd spiritual weapon
3rd animate dead
4th death ward
5th flame strike

Sundered Wrath

At 1st level, you gain the ability to channel the wrath of the Sundered God. You have a pool of d6s that you spend to fuel this damage. The number of dice in the pool equals 1 + your warlock level.

As a bonus action, you can imbue your next melee attack with necrotic energy, spending dice from the pool. The maximum number of dice you can spend at once equals your Charisma modifier (minimum of one die). The next successful hit with a melee attack deals extra necrotic damage equal to the total rolled. Your pool regains all expended dice when you finish a long rest.

Shattered Heart

Starting at 6th level, your link to Irox allows you to serve as a conduit for anguish. You have resistance to necrotic damage. When you cast a spell that deals necrotic or psychic damage, you add your Charisma modifier as damage of the other type to one necrotic or psychic damage roll of that spell against one of its targets.

Sympathy of The Dead

At 10th level when you charge your next melee attack with necrotic damage with sundered wrath, up to 5 undead creatures you control gain the same number of dice of bonus psychic damage to their next melee attacks.

Deathless Vengeance

At 14th level, if you fail your third death save, instead of dying, you regain half your hit points and rise in a deathlike trance—your Sundered Wrath pool refills. You can only use your eldritch blast, melee attacks, and invocations while in this death trance. The trance lasts for 1 round per level, and then you once more drop to 0 hit points and begin making death saves. After this ability has triggered, it will not trigger again until you have had a long rest.


You gain proficiency in Intimidation.

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