The fury and savage power of demonkind surges through the veins of the Demon-Blooded warrior.

Whether they or one of their ancestors made a demonic bargain, fell under an abyssal curse, or stumbled upon a demon-infused relic, this ferocious fighter can call upon demonic power to fuel their combat skills. In battle, the Demon-Blooded warrior can unleash tremendous strength, inhuman speed, and a number of other supernatural tricks. Doing so, however, incurs a cost on their mind, body, and soul. Eventually, the dark powers demand a price for their blessings—a price that must be paid.

Demonic Aspect

At 3rd level when you select this archetype, choose from one of three types of demonic aspects. Each aspect provides a different set of features you can call upon. Once you make this choice, you cannot change it. In addition, you suffer a number of side effects and mutations as your humanity slowly erodes and you become closer and closer to the demon within.

  • Brute. You gain advantage on Strength (Athletics) skill checks. As an action, you can use your demonic essence to supercharge your Strength, boosting your score by +4. The boost lasts for up to 1 minute, after which you gain one exhaustion level. This feature recharges after a short or long rest. You don’t know your own strength. Delicate, breakable objects have a 20% chance of breaking or shattering when you handle them.
  • Devourer. You gain resistance to poison, as well as advantage on saving throws against poison-based effects and disease. As an action, you can use your demonic essence to empower your Constitution, increasing your score by +4. The boost lasts up to 1 minute, after which you suffer one level of exhaustion. The hit points you gain from this effect are temporary hit points. You must consume twice as much food and drink as a normal creature of your race and size.
  • Slayer. You gain advantage on initiative rolls. You can draw upon your demonic essence to boost your Dexterity score by +4. This boost lasts for up to 1 minute, after which time you gain one level of exhaustion. This feature recharges following a short or long rest. You are instinctively drawn to the sight and smell of fresh blood, so much so that you suffer disadvantage on any Intelligence-based skill checks while in the presence of blood.

Touch of the Abyss

Beginning at 3rd level, you learn to speak abyssal.

You also gain proficiency in Intimidation, and gain an additional bonus equal to your proficiency bonus whenever you attempt to intimidate another non-demonic creature.

When you reach 3rd level, your outward appearance undergoes a metamorphosis and you acquire a demonic physical trait. Work with your GM to decide the nature of this change, or roll on the table below. In general, you can camouflage or hide this feature with proper apparel or a disguise, but a perceptive individual stands a good chance of noticing something unusual about your appearance, even with casual observation.

Force of Nature Expanded Spell List (Volcano)
d12 Demonic Trait
1 Vestigial tail
2 Small but noticeable horns grow from your forehead
3 Skin takes on a slight blood-red tinge
4 Set of fangs
5 Forked tongue
6 Hooved feet
7 Enlarged brow
8 Exaggerated jaw
9 Abnormally long tapered fingers
10 Coarse, boar-like hair sprouts from skin
11 Pupils turn red, gold, or other exotic color
12 Hunched, over-developed shoulders

Demonic Infusion

At 7th level, you gain another feature associated with your demonic aspect, as described below.

  • Brute. You are treated as a creature of two sizes larger for purposes of determining encumbrance, carry and drag weight limits. If another creature attempts a grapple or shove attack against you, you are treated as a creature of one size category larger.
  • Devourer. When you focus on your sense of smell as an action, you can analyze a living creature’s scent and learn information about it. The target creature must be within 60 feet of you. After breathing in the target creature’s scents, you determine if that creature suffers from being charmed, diseased, frightened, or poisoned (including being intoxicated). You also know if the creature is below its current hit point maximum, although you cannot tell by how much. Although this feature allows you to detect the presence of an invisible living creature (i.e., not undead or constructs), it isn’t precise enough to eliminate the penalties for attacking an invisible target.
  • Slayer. You do not need to sleep. If you spend 4 hours performing only light activity such as walking or talking, you gain equal benefit as other creatures do from 8 hours of sleep. In addition, you can go twice as long without food or water as normal creatures without penalty. At this point, your mortal nature has become forever tainted with demonic essence. Although your type does not change, you are treated as an outsider for purposes of detect evil and good and the paladin’s divine sense feature.

Abyssal Blessing

When you reach 10th level, you gain an additional feature based on your demonic aspect, as described below.

  • Brute. You can wield a two-handed weapon one-handed without penalty. When wielding a weapon with both hands, your damage increases by +2. You are considered two sizes larger than you actually are when creatures attempt to grapple or shove you.
  • Devourer. You become immune to poison and disease. You gain one additional hit point per level, and your hit point maximum cannot be decreased under any circumstance.
  • Slayer. Your weapon attacks score a critical hit on a roll of 19 or 20. Your physical appearance changes to become more demonic, to an extent that you cannot hide your true nature. Roll on the Demonic Trait table to determine this latest mutation.

Corrupted Soul

Starting at 15th level, you can call upon your demonic aspect twice between short or long rests. By now, you have become more demon than mortal. You gain vulnerability to radiant damage.

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