Divine Inspiration

As the innate ability to command magical power can arise in anyone, sorcerers come from a variety of backgrounds and religious beliefs. Their religious views might evolve with the understanding of their power’s source or it might reinforce their commitment to their patron gods or turn them toward gods with magic in their portfolios to gain understanding of their gifts. Some sorcerers receive their magical abilities from the gods directly, in which case the sorcerers might join one of the orders of their church or become an agent for their church.

Divine Inspiration

When you discovered sorcery, it was not through an awakening in your blood, but rather through a blossoming in your mind. The hand of the divine reached down to touch you, and in that instant the inner workings of magic exploded in your mind like a thousand doors being thrown open all at once. When you recovered from the shock, you found that you could bend the laws of reality with a few words and gestures. Faster than thought, you could transform your instincts and inspirations into spells.

You were changed by your fleeting contact with a god, and though you might not know why that deity bestowed the gift of understanding upon you (or, indeed, which deity did so), the result is that your mind has opened to the currents of magical power that flow through the world in a way that no amount of studying could ever recreate.

Knowledge Bestowed

At 1st level, you choose one divine domain from the cleric class, and add the corresponding domain spells to your sorcerer spell list.

Additionally, whenever you gain a level in this class, you do not have to choose which spell you learn immediately; instead, you can wait and choose which spell at any later time, though you must be conscious at the time you choose it. If you would gain another level and have not chosen a spell to learn from your previous level, you must choose the previous level’s spell before gaining that level.

Awakened Mind

Starting at 1st level, you can use magical energy to reclaim some of your mind’s fleeting touch with the divine; when you make an Intelligence check, you can expend a spell slot to gain a bonus to that roll equal to 1 + the level of the spell slot you expended. You can only use this feature once per Intelligence check.

Magical Insight

At 6th level, the divine inspiration that first opened your eyes to the currents of magic reaches its full illumination, and you gain two Metamagic options of your choice.

Divine Unraveling

Starting at 14th level, the divine inspiration that sparked your sorcerous magic gives insight into the weavings of arcane power that create spells, allowing you to pick them apart with ease. You can spend sorcery points to cast the counterspell spell; you choose the level at which you cast it (minimum 3rd), and the sorcery point cost of casting it is equal to that level + 2.

Mind of a God

Beginning at 18th level, your consciousness has awakened to the point where you think and perceive on a level more divine than mortal, and you are permanently under the effects of a mind blank spell.

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