The dragoon is a master of polearms and spears, trained from an early age to fight with polearms to devastating effect. They perform amazing leaps into the air, delivering devastating blows with their weapons as they land.

The dragoon is a powerful front-line fighter who charges into the fray of combat without fear, decimating enemy ranks.

Some nations have trained elite forces comprised entirely of the terrifyingly effective dragoon warriors. Other civilizations teach the dragoon weapon form in secret, allowing only those who are truly worthy to master the leaping spear techniques.

Dragoon Leap

At 3rd level, you gain advantage on all Strength (Athletics) checks made to jump when not wearing heavy armor. In addition, you are always considered to be making a running jump, even when you do not move prior to making a jump.

As a bonus action, you can make a high jump as part of an attack action, a maneuver known as the Dragoon Leap. If your attack after this leap hits, you gain a +1d6 damage bonus, plus an additional +1d6 for every ten foot into the air you leap when striking with a polearm or spear.

As part of the Dragoon Leap, if you strike an opponent, instead of inflicting the extra damage, you can attempt a shove attack to knock the target prone. If you choose the shove attack, you gain advantage on your Strength (Athletics) check.

How Far Can I Jump?

You can leap a number of feet equal to your Strength score in feet as a running long jump, or 3 + your Strength modifier feet as a running high jump.

Polearm Mastery

At 7th level, you gain either the Polearm Master, Spear Mastery or Great Weapon Master feat (choose one).

Fall Mastery

At 10th level, you ignore the first 10 feet of falling damage. You also gain resistance to falling damage when not wearing heavy armor. In addition, if you suffer no damage from a fall, you automatically land on your feet. The amount of falling distance you can ignore increases to 15 feet at 15th level, and 20 feet at 20th level.

Terminal Velocity

At 15th level, whenever you make a Dragoon Leap, your polearm or spear attacks deal critical hits on 19 and 20.

Comet Strike

At 18th level, when not wearing heavy armor you may declare a Dragoon Leap an automatic critical hit. You can use this ability once, and can do so again after finishing a long rest.

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