Dream Champion

There are many battlegrounds across the multiverse, but one remains a constant through them all, the Dream Plane. A realm comprised of a mixture of wild imagination, incomprehensible logic, and unspeakable terrors; it is a constant presence wherever there are creatures dreaming. This is your chosen battlefield, the realm to which you pay homage. In a multiverse of impossible worlds, there is still nothing that compares to the vast wilds that await you in the dreams of one creature, much less the collective from which you draw your energy. But for all its wonder, there are dark evils that claw at the edges of everything. If you can travel from the waking world to the sleeping, what other things might sneak in with your shadows?

Mind Stride

At 3rd level you have begun to tap into the Plane of Dreams and can briefly move in and out of it. You can use your movement to warp between allied creatures within 60 feet of each other. You must first spend 1 hour presiding over the ally as they dream, memorizing their dream signals. You can attune to a number of allied creatures equal to your proficiency bonus. You can willingly forget another creature and learn another’s patterns by the same process. The distance increases to 120 feet at 7th level, 10 miles at 11th level, and anywhere on the same plane at 15th level. You can use this feature once before finishing a long rest. Additionally, you gain Dreams as another type of your favored terrain.

Super Sleep

At 3rd level, you can try to pull others to sleep with you. As an action, you can cast the sleep spell without expending a spell slot. Doing so renders you unconscious until the start of your next turn. You can choose to extend the duration of your unconsciousness when you use this feature to a number of turns equal to your Wisdom modifier (minimum of one). The level the sleep spell is cast at increases for each turn you choose to spend unconscious. If awoken before this effect is supposed to end, the spell and its effects are also ended. You can use this feature once before finishing a long rest.

Dream Energy

At 7th level, you can easily enter a dream state while taking a short rest. During this time, you can draw on the energy of the Dream Plane to do one of the following:

  • Heal double the amount per hit dice expended.
  • Recover a combined number of spell slots equal to half your proficiency bonus (rounded down)
  • You cast Mage Armor on yourself without expending a spell slot.
  • Gain a premonition about the future by casting Augury without expending a spell slot.
  • Remove 1 level of exhaustion from yourself
  • Become immune to psychic damage for the next hour.

You can only use each ability once before finishing a long rest.

Nightmare Warrior

At 11th level you have become so like a dream that you are sometimes indistinguishable from one. When making melee attack, instead of striking physically, you can force the target to make a Wisdom saving throw against your Spell Save DC for each use of your attack action. On a failure, you invade their mind and attack it directly, dealing psychic damage as if you had hit them with a melee attack. Additionally, if they fail the saving throw, you gain insight on their next moves and any attacks made against you on their next turn are made with disadvantage. You can use this feature a number of times equal to your Wisdom modifier (minimum of once) before finishing a short or long rest.

Lucid Battleground

At 11th level you are so infused with dream energy that you can extend it to others around you and bring them into other’s dreams. Touch a sleeping creature, they must succeed on a Wisdom saving throw versus your spell save DC or have their dreams opened to you (willing creatures do not have to save). You can then touch a number of other willing creatures equal to your Wisdom modifier (minimum of one) to take with you into the dreamer’s mind. The effect last for 1 hour or until the target is awoken by something outside the dream, though time in the Dream Plane does not always sync with time outside it. While in this realm, all damage is converted into psychic damage. Creatures who die in this place are immediately removed from the plane, drop to 0 hit points in the outside world, and must immediately begin making death saving throws. While here, you alone have advantage on all saving throws. Though you and your allies behave the same way as you would while awake, the dreamer may have more or less power in this realm, depending on their mental fortitude. You and your allies can not exert more power in this realm than you can in the waking world, but the dreamer may be able to shift reality to a limited degree. If the dreamer dies, you are removed from the dream and the effect ends. You can use this feature to enter your own dreams. All creatures inside the dream are unconscious in the waking world. You may use this feature once before finishing a long rest.

Dreaming Dance

At 15th level, your body does not immediately shut down while unconscious. If you are unconscious or sleeping, even at 0 hit points (but not outright dead) you can still move and act. Your actions in this state are limited. Your movement speed is halved, you can take a single bonus action, action, or make a single attack on your turn, and are blind for the duration. You cannot cast spells that require verbal components as your speech is impossibly distorted. You can use items, so long as they do not require magical words or the ability to see. The effect begins automatically if you fall asleep, fall unconscious, or if disturbed during a long rest. It ends if you wake up (which you can do freely if not at 0 hit points), if you die, after 1 minute, or if you are at 0 hit points and regain any. This effect is considered a short rest if you stay in this state for 1 minute and are not at 0 hit points when it ends. You must finish a long rest before using this feature again.

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