Drowned Cleric

There are some who believe that death is just the beginning, and that those who drown are blessed by the sea itself with immortality.

Many fear the unmatched power of the sea, and most sailors cling to superstition and the gods in their hopes to safely cross the fickle oceans. Some, however, believe that death at sea is the first step to immortality. They claim that only the sea—alive as it is with unfathomable power—grants those who are worthy the same deathless life. The drowned clerics are the greatest proponents of this belief. Though small in number, they work tirelessly to bring life to the dead, serving in coastal villages, aboard warships, and deep below the waves. While some drowned clerics venerate ocean deities, such as Gorumber, most venerate the sea itself, and some of their order spend time studying druidic lore.

Shifting Domain

At 1st level, you may choose one domain related to the sea: Life, Tempest, or Waves (see below).

Unlike other clerics, you can choose a feature from any of these domains at 6th, 8th, and 17th levels. When you gain domain spells, you may switch out one spell from your domain for another spell from one of the domains listed above.

This feature otherwise functions as the divine domain cleric feature.

Channel Divinity

At 2nd level, you gain Channel Divinity: Preserve Life from the Life domain. Your second Channel Divinity effect must be chosen from the Tempest or Waves domain, and you do not gain Turn Undead.

This feature otherwise functions as the channel divinity cleric feature.

Death Caller

Starting at 5th level, you can expend a use of your Channel Divinity to cast one of the spells listed on the Death Caller table below, dependent on your level.

For speak with dead and death ward, you must provide at least a pint of seawater as an additional spell component. For the other spells, you and the target of your spell must be submerged in seawater for the duration of the spell’s casting. You can replace any diamond spell component with an offering to the sea of similar or greater worth, which the spell consumes.

Death Caller
Cleric Level Channel Divinity Spells
5th speak with dead
8th death ward
11th raise dead
14th resurrection
17th true resurrection
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