Circle of Sacrifice

The Celtic druids were a respected class of priests venerated for their wisdom, power, and secrecy. To this day, very little is known of their practices; and even less coming from unbiased accounts. What we do know is that the druids were keepers of complex rituals, ranging from fertility rites to macabre sacrifices. Whether the Celts used human offerings in their sacrificial rituals is up for debate. The only accounts of these acts come from Roman sources who at the time would benefit from slandering the Celts as savages. While the truth is buried in the annals of time, the mystery of the druids and their occult wisdom carries on in our legends.

Dagda’s Boon

Starting at 2nd level, when you kill a creature, you may regain a 1st level spell slot as a reaction. Once you are capable of higher-level spells, you may spend 10 minutes conducting a ritual over the corpse to upgrade the regained slot to 2nd level. You may continue the ritual and upgrade to higher level slots for every 10 minutes you spend. You may use this feature once, regaining usage after a short or long rest.

Ritual of Oak and Mistletoe

Starting at 6th level, you have developed a ritual to bring others closer to the beasts of the wild. The ancient Celts would conduct this ritual to inspire fertility and healing. Two white bulls were bound and brought to a large oak tree that bears mistletoe on the sixth day of the moon. A white robed druid would climb the tree and cut the mistletoe with a golden sickle. The bulls were then sacrificed and the mistletoe ground into a potion. Your ritual does not need to mirror this verbatim, however it must include ritual sacrifice and a natural ingredient freshly harvested and made into a potion. You may only conduct this ritual during a long rest and make enough potion for one creature to imbibe within the next 8 hours. The potion has one of the following effects of your choosing.

Bestial Brethren. You share the potion with the imbiber. Guided by your demonstration, the imbiber may use the Wild Shape ability, transforming into the same animal you do. This must be done together. For the duration of your Wild Shapes, you are both immune to poison damage and have a telepathic bond up to 100 feet.

Curse of Claw and Talon. The imbiber is cursed upon drinking this potion and suffers a horrid transformation. The imbiber is subject to the Polymorph spell and must instead make a constitution saving throw to fight the effects. Even if they succeed, they merely delay the effect and must roll again at the end of every turn. The effect lasts for one hour. You may choose the type of beast when you create the potion following the rules of the Polymorph spell.

Ritual of the Threefold Death

Starting at 10th level, you learn a ritual of death and prophecy. You can conduct this ritual at any time, even during combat. There are three conditions that must be fulfilled for the ritual to succeed. They do not need to occur simultaneously but must occur within the duration of the ritual — 10 minutes.

  • Wounding. The creature must be physically wounded, taking any non-magical damage.
  • Drowning/Poisoning. The creature must be submerged in liquid, take poison damage, or suffer the poisoned condition.
  • Hanging. The creature must be suspended off the ground from any part of their body. Once all three conditions have been met, if the target is not already dead, they are rapidly approaching. The target gains vulnerability to all damage for 24 hours. Completing this offering has connected you with the divinity of nature. Any hit dice you roll until you take a long rest automatically roll the highest number. During your next long rest, you receive a dream vision from the local nature deity, acting under the rules of the Commune spell. When you finish the long rest, double the number of spell slots of the highest level you are capable of until your next long rest.

The Wicker Man

Starting at 14th level, your practice of sacrificial offering has reached unfathomable power. By crafting a monstrous effigy made of wood and living beings, you are able to summon a powerful creature to your service. This ritual takes 1 hour to complete. You must gather a number of living targets equal to the CR of the creature you are going to summon. The creature must not have a CR higher than half your level rounded down and must be a beast or elemental. Once the targets are bound together in the rough shape of the creature, you must light them on fire and finish the ritual. As the pained screams die, the summoning is complete. This creature is now permanently bound to you. It acts on its own initiative, will follow and defend you by default, and obey any commands given to the best of its ability. If the creature dies, it is gone forever and a new ritual must be done to summon a new creature.

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