Elemental Savant

Elemental savants are sorcerers who have taken to two elements: either earth and fire or air and water and put the time and dedication into mastering them. The first elemental savants came from the hurákani and the wolákani, who were the first of these arcanist to appear on the archipelago, showing the dichotomy between the elements themselves, and teaching others about the power that can come out of specializing in just two of them.

Elemental Specialization

At 1st level, you must choose either acid and fire or cold and lightning. Every time you complete a long rest, you must choose between one of these damage types. You gain resistance to the chosen damage type.

Elemental Whiplash

At 6th level, whenever you would deal damage to a creature with a spell, you can make the damage one of the two damage types that you choose with your Elemental Specialization ability. If you would deal damage with a spell that normally already does one of your chosen types of damage, you deal an extra die of damage.

Elemental Healing

At 14th level, as a reaction when you would deal damage with one of your two chosen damage types, you can siphon some of the magic into yourself in order to heal yourself. The spell you cast only deals half the normal damage, however you regain hit points equal to the damage you dealt.

Elemental Mastery

At 18th level, when you would use your Elemental Specialization, you gain immunity to one of your chosen damage types and resistance to the other damage type. Furthermore, whenever you would deal damage to a creature with resistance to one of these damage types, you ignore the resistance to the damage.

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