Epic Adept

Your mastery of martial arts becomes peerless.

Table: Epic Adept (Monk)
Level Proficiency Bonus Martial Arts Focus (Ki) Points Unarmored Movement Features
21st +7 1d10 21 +30 ft. Prestige, Secondary Archetype Feature (1), Tempo
22nd +7 1d10 22 +35 ft. Legendary Ability Score Improvement
23rd +7 2d6 23 +35 ft. Secondary Archetype Feature (2)
24th +7 2d6 24 +35 ft. Legendary Ability Score Improvement
25th +8 2d6 25 +35 ft. Extra Attack (2), Legendary Prestige, Shattering Strikes
26th +8 2d6 26 +40 ft. Legendary Ability Score Improvement
27th +8 2d6 27 +40 ft. Secondary Archetype Feature (3)
28th +8 2d6 28 +40 ft. Legendary Ability Score Improvement
29th +9 2d6 29 +40 ft. Knockout Strikes
30th +9 2d8 30 +45 ft. Epic Prestige


At 21st level, your deeds and renown reach all corners of the civilized world—sometimes even further.

Commoners and other NPCs recognize you or at the very least know your name, and you are treated as an equal (or nearly as much) by empresses, monarchs, and other heads of state.

You acquire students everywhere you go.

Your students remain in one central location of your choosing and follow your edicts, sometimes acting as a vigilante police force to best enact your societal beliefs in your absence. You have advantage on Wisdom (Insight) and Charisma checks made against your students.

Secondary Archetype Features

At 21st level, your mastery over your adventuring methods expands to encapsulate another path to glory, power, prestige, and wealth. Choose a secondary class archetype. You gain the archetype feature or features granted by your secondary archetype.

At 23rd level, you gain the second archetype feature or features granted by your secondary archetype.

At 27th level, you gain the third archetype feature or features granted by your secondary archetype.

When you select an archetype that includes adding spells to your spell list, you add all of those spells to your spell list.


Beginning at 21st level, the ebb and flow of a fight fuels your martial concentration. You regain 1 focus (ki) whenever you score a critical hit, a creature fails its saving throw against your Stunning Fist by 10 or more, or you are targeted by an attack roll with a natural 1 result on the d20 roll.

Legendary Ability Score Improvement

When you reach 22nd level, and again at 24th, 26th, and 28th level, you can increase one ability score of your choice by 1, and increase your maximum possible score for that ability score by 1. In addition, you can select a feat. Alternatively, you can choose not to increase an ability score and gain an epic feat instead.

Note: When a multiclassing adventurer would gain an Ability Score Increase, they instead gain a Legendary Ability Score Improvement.

Extra Attack

Starting at 25th level, you can attack three times, instead of twice, whenever you take the Attack action.

Legendary Prestige

At 25th level, your reputation has grown so far that even the gods know who you are and the forces of reality bow to your presence. When you are visiting another plane of existence, until you take a hostile action against or attack a creature native to that plane, you are immune to damaging effects of the environment. For example, when you first arrive in the Plane of Fire you do not take fire damage from the Sea of Fire.

Shattering Strikes

Also at 25th level, you learn how to make your blows resonate. Objects and structures are vulnerable to damage you deal with your unarmed strike or adept weapons.

Knockout Strikes

At 29th level, you learn how to strike with the force of a tempest.

When you hit another creature with a melee weapon attack, you can spend 5 focus (ki) points to attempt a knockout strike. On a hit your attack becomes a critical hit that deals maximum damage. In addition, the target must succeed on a Constitution saving throw or be knocked unconscious for 1 minute.

Epic Prestige

At 30th level, you are practically a deity in your own right. Gods and deities do not treat you as an equal, but they do give you a measure of respect. When you request the presence of a god or to have a meeting with one, your request is honored within 1 week.

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