Your magic comes from a god of prophecy and prognostication who imbued a sliver of their power in your ancestry. Farseers can trace their power through the generations to a single, powerful ancestor whose divine gift gave them access to the webs of fate. Some are plagued by visions and omens, having no knowledge of their august lineage. These unfortunate individuals might be driven to madness and ostracized because of their uncontrolled, forbidden knowledge. Regardless, the touch of the divine has forever changed you, and the skeins of fate unravel in your view.

Blood of the Seer

When you choose this origin at 1st level, the blood of your ancestors signals your destiny. You gain proficiency in Insight and History. Your preternatural sense of what is to come also allows you to sense imminent danger, so you make initiative rolls with advantage.


Starting at 1st level, you can take the Dodge action as a bonus action on your turn. You use this feature a number of times equal to your Constitution modifier (minimum of once). You regain all expended uses when you finish a short or long rest.

Commune With The Unknown

When you reach 6th level, your prophetic insight allows you to commune with otherworldly powers. By focusing all your attention on a single yes-or-no question for 1 minute, you can pose that question to the powers beyond. The entity that responds to your question has vast knowledge, but it isn’t omniscient; it can predict only what might happen, not what’s certain to occur. Questions about the future must be phrased in terms of what’s possible or plausible to avoid nonanswers. You must finish a short or long rest before using this feature again.

Time Slip

When you reach 14th level, the skeins of time enshroud your body, distorting the fabric of reality around you. As an action, you can expend 3 sorcery points to step out of sync with the current timeline. You can be seen only as an indistinct, shimmery outline. Attacks against you are made with disadvantage, and you have resistance to bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage from nonmagical weapons.

Additionally, you can move through other creatures and solid objects as if they were difficult terrain. If you end your turn inside a solid object, you take 1d10 force damage and are expelled into the nearest open space.

The effect lasts for up to 1 minute, provided you maintain concentration on it as on a spell.

Sharing The Dream

At 18th level, visions of likely futures constantly weave across your consciousness. You can share that foreknowledge with your companions. As an action, you can grant up to five creatures (which can include yourself) advantage on attack rolls or saving throws—each creature chooses for itself—for up to 1 minute, provided you maintain concentration on this effect as on a spell. You must expend 2 sorcery points per affected creature to trigger this effect.

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