Fated Sorcerer

Fate is viewed as a two-sided coin. On the one hand, some believe one’s fate is predestined and unchangeable, while others believe that each individual is responsible for steering their destiny in a certain direction while taking advantage of lucky situations and avoiding omens of misfortune. Whether you were singled out by a Norn, blessed by the hand of a neutral deity, or descended from a long line of druids, your magic equips you with the tools to maintain balance in the fabric of the universe and to alter fate accordingly.

Yin and Yan

At 1st level, you learn additional spells when you reach certain levels as detailed below. Each of these spells counts as a sorcerer spell for you (regardless of what spell list it originally came from), but it doesn’t count against the number of sorcerer spells you know.

Sorcerer Level Spells
1st cure wounds, inflict wounds
3rd expeditious retreat, hold person
5th haste, slow
7th ice storm, wall of fire 9th passwall, wall of stone

Give and Take

At 1st level, you can choose to lower one of your ability scores by 2 points and raise another ability score by 2 points. This alteration reverts to its original configuration after a long rest. Once you use this feature, you can’t use it again until you finish a long rest.

All-Seeing and Unseen

Starting at 6th level, as a bonus action, you can spend 1 sorcery point to be able to see as though under the effects of see invisibility and to become invisible as though under the effects of invisibility for 10 minutes. If you use this feature again before finishing a long rest, there is a cumulative increase of 1 sorcery point to the cost for each subsequent use. If you become visible before the end of the 10 minute period because you attacked or cast a spell, the see invisibility is still in effect until the end of the duration.

Your Loss, My gain

At 14th level, you can use your action to force up to 2 living creatures within 60 feet of you to make a Constitution saving throw. The creature takes 4d6 points of necrotic damage on a failed save and half as much on a successful one. You are simultaneously healed an equal amount of hit points. If you would gain hit points over your maximum number of hit points when you use this feature, you can distribute any excess points in any combination of quantities to any other living creatures within 60 feet of you. Once you use this feature, you can’t use it again until you finish a long rest.

Yes I Can, No You Can’t

Beginning at 18th level, you can control how you interact with gravity. You can use a bonus action to lessen the gravitational pull on yourself for 1 hour. During this time, you are treated as though under the effects of jump and your movement speeds increase by 5 feet. Additionally, when you are forced to make a Strength check to avoid being moved against your will (with a fighter’s Pushing Attack for example), you can use your reaction and spend 1 sorcery point to increase the gravitational pull on yourself, making yourself very difficult to budge for a brief moment. You gain a +1 bonus and advantage on your Strength check. Once you use this feature, you can’t use it again until you finish a short or long rest.

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