Fateless Apogee Fate Path

You were not some blessed creature, you found the code through resolve and sweat. You have toned your body and mind to work in direct opposition to the Code, allowing you to feel, claw, and bend it to your will. Unlike others who easily fill the role of some prophecy, you have trained for every new ability, ripping the prophecy away from the hands of others by forcefully filling them yourself. This has left you with many rivals, some of which believe your usurpation to be a transgression worthy of death. The future of the fateless is frequently fraught with foes and fighting as you fulfill the prophecy by force.

Unrivaled Resolve

When you demand this fate at 1st level, you can shrug off most effects that would stop others in their tracks. If a spell or effect requires you to make a saving throw to resist being blinded, deafened, paralyzed, petrified, poisoned, or stunned, you can spend 1 hack point to roll a d4, adding the result to your roll. This feature can be used against a spell or effect that deals damage and causes an effect, but the bonus is only applied to resist the effect. At 11th level in this class the dice increases to a d6, and again to a d8 at 20th level.

Warp Hop

At 3rd level you can briefly slip in and out of reality, moving instantly from one place to another. You can spend 1 Hack Point to teleport to an unoccupied space up to 30 feet in any direction as your move action. If you land on a vertical surface, you can hang there until the start of your next turn. When you get the Warp Jump ability, you can use this ability to change the maximum range to 90 feet.

Combo Bonus

At 7th level you can compound the energy of your attacks from the power of the last one. Each time you make a successful melee attack against a target you can use 1 hack point to take some of that force, causing your next melee attack to deal an additional 1d4 damage. You can use an additional Hack Point on each consecutive successful attack on this turn to add another d4 to the total damage (to a maximum of 5d4). The bonus resets at the start of your next turn or if you miss on an attack roll.

What Doesn’T Kill You

At 11th level you become more powerful each time you face defeat. Each time you fail a death saving throw, you gain a cumulative +1 to damage rolls, proficient ability checks, and proficient saving throws until you finish a long rest. The maximum possible bonus is equal to your proficiency score.

Ultra Form

At 15th level, you have mastered the control over you own code enough to enter an enhanced form of yourself. At the start of your turn you can let out a reality shattering roar, you are then overcharged with Code energy. Until the feature ends, you have an unlimited amount of Hack Points, your movement speed is doubled, and can make three attacks, instead of two, when you take the attack action. After activating this feature, you can stay in this form a number of turns equal to your Intelligence modifier (minimum of one) but cannot enter it again if it ends. This effect ends if you drop to 0 hit points or if you choose not to continue it with a shout at the start of your next turn. You can only activate this feature once before finishing a long rest. If you drop to 0 hit points while using this feature, you immediately fail one death saving throw and make any more saving throws with disadvantage until you finish a long rest. Additionally, you gain one level of exhaustion when this feature ends.

Permanent Upgrade

At 20th level, you have finished the loop of bending your body to bend the code to bend your body again. Three of your ability scores of your choice increase by 2 and the new maximum for those scores is 22. You also gain proficiency in two additional saving throws of your choice.

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