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Flayer Mind

Flayers are notoriously evil and intelligent minddevouring beings. With a brain tissue sample from such a creature, a skilled alchemist can grow a flayer mind. Flayers are all linked to an elder brain, which houses the collective knowledge of countless generations of flayers. A creature that imbibes the fluid steeped in this brain mass can gain a fleeting, fractured link to that alien intelligence.

Flayer Madness. To be linked to the combined mind of the flayers is not without cost. Wizards and warlocks consume such potions as shortcuts to power, heightening their intelligence for the span of a battle to unravel some arcane mystery. When the potion’s effects wear off, however, many are left raving mad, muttering of visions of darkness and of monsters. Some practitioners of the dark arts imbibe the fluid expressly for this effect, to see glimpses of the ancient and terrible knowledge of the elder brain.

Dark Addiction. Though even the strongest minds suffer strain bearing such an unnatural power for too long, some become addicted to the rush of raw intellect and develop a dependency on flayer minds.

Repeated exposure to the psychic strain of the flayer mind can lead to permanent madness or death, leaving only a drooling husk behind. Some who have drunk of the flayer mind claim they sometimes dream of the visions they saw, pieces of a dark void and monsters writhing within.

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