Voelva are almost uniformly female worshippers of Freyja. She teaches them the powers of the trance and of magic, powers that more traditional spellcasters will recognize. Voelva can send their souls out in animal form to visit faraway places, travel the planes, and view the past or future. She can animate corpses or lay curses. Voelva can work on the spirits of the wild animals and are responsible for the good luck in the hunt, ensure the fertility of the earth. In trance, they contact ancestors, can “be ridden” by them. They know how to cure diseases on a spiritual, psychological and material level. They contain great knowledge about plants and their medical and spiritual effect.

Voelva are sought for their wisdom. Their trances give them insights beyond mortal ken. While in a trance, their spells can change the tide of battle, albeit indirectly.

The majority of voelva are females, although a few male practitioners occasionally crop up. However, it is considered unmanly by Nordic peoples to practice this art.

Typical voelva dress includes a blue coat decorated with precious stones up to the seam. Voelva wear necklaces of glass beads and caps made from black lambskin, lined with white cat skin inside. Voelva wear shoes made from calfskin with long belts, which have large tin buttons at the end. They wear also gloves made from catskin, with white inside.

Becoming a voelva typically involves a vision quest of some sort, voluntary or involuntary. Prospective voelva often experience visions and apparitions upon reaching maturity. A few voelva do not reach their full potential and go mad instead, convinced they are cursed or diseased.

Those who survive and find a mistress to teach them become voelva.


Starting at 1st level, you gain the service of a spirit sent by Freya to watch over you. The spirit assumes the form and game statistics of a cat or eagle and it always obeys your commands, which you can give telepathically while it is within 100 feet of you. While the fetch is perched on your shoulder, you gain darkvision with a range of 30 feet and a bonus to your passive Wisdom (Perception) score and to Wisdom (Perception) checks. The bonus equals your Charisma modifier. While perched on your shoulder, the fetch can’t be targeted by any attack or other harmful effect; only you can cast spells on it; it can’t take damage; and it is incapacitated. You can see through the fetch’s eyes and hear what it hears while it is within 100 feet of you. In combat, you roll initiative for the fetch and control how it acts. If it is slain by a creature, you gain advantage on all attack rolls against the killer for the next 24 hours. The fetch doesn’t require sleep. While it is within 100 feet of you, it can awaken you from sleep as a bonus action. The fetch vanishes when it dies, if you die, or if the two of you are separated by more than 5 miles. At the end of a short or long rest, you can call the fetch back to you—no matter where it is or whether it died—and it reappears within 5 feet of you.

Freya’s Gifts

Starting at 1st level, Freya grants you hidden knowledge.

You learn additional spells when you reach certain levels in this class, as shown on the table below.

Spell Level Spells
1st animal friendship, hunter’s mark
2nd blunting glance, lesser restoration
3rd animate dead, mara ride
4th divination, seithnhverfling
5th alfar tune, scrying


Starting at 6th level, you can use your action to increase your powers of perception. When you do so, choose one of the following benefits, which lasts until you are incapacitated or you take a short or long rest. You can’t use the feature again until you finish a short or long rest.

  • Darkvision. You gain darkvision out to a range of 60 feet.
  • Ethereal Sight. You can see into the Ethereal Plane within 60 feet of you.
  • Greater Comprehension. You can read any language.
  • See Invisibility. You can see invisible creatures and objects within 10 feet of you that are within line of sight.

Prophetic Trance

Starting at 10th level, you gain the ability to enter a spiritual trance as a bonus action. For the next minute, attack rolls against you can’t benefit from advantage, and whenever you make an attack roll, an ability check, or a saving throw, you can treat a d20 roll of 9 or lower as a 10.

Once you use this action, you can’t use it again until you finish a long rest.


Starting at 14th level, you can use a bonus action to transform yourself into a spirit version of a walrus, whale, seal, cat, boar, or eagle. In this form, you have resistance to all damage except force and radiant damage, and you can move through other creatures and objects as if they were difficult terrain. You take 5 force damage if you end your turn inside an object. You remain in this form for 1 minute.

It ends early if you are incapacitated, if you die, or if you dismiss it as a bonus action.

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