Gnostic Soul

You are a supernatural vessel of arcane knowledge.

Unbridled and unmanaged, your powers are caused by the collision of your bloodline with a concentrated source of information about the nature of magic.

Some gnostic souls had an ancestor that was possessed by the spirit of a powerful archmage, whose magical learnings left an generational imprint.

Others were exposed to an animated spell book that transferred some of its sapience on to their being.

Whatever the case, now these extraordinary powers reside within you, constantly trying to escape and be learned. Inexperienced gnostic souls find very quickly that their fledgling talents are highly volatile when not contained and bound in the correct way.

Planar Manifestation
Plane Type Boosted Damage Reduced Damage
Fire Fire Cold
Law Radiant Necrotic
Dreams Psychic Force
Air Lightning Thunder
Death Necrotic Radiant
Ice Cold Fire

Bonus Understanding

Your gnostic source’s learning echoes in you. Starting at 1st level, you can pick a spell from or roll on the table to set your sorcerer on their specialty path.

You learn the spell and it doesn’t count against the number of spell you can know. You also gain proficiency in the corelated skill.

Gnostic Understanding
d6 Spell Proficiency
1 Comprehend languages History
2 Illusory script Deception
3 Identify Perception
4 Heroism Performance
5 Mage armor Survival
6 Fog cloud Stealth


Your gnostic soul is drawn to words you might not fully comprehend, and reading them stabilizes its temperamentality. Starting at 1st level you roll with advantage when trying to decipher spoken and written languages, even those you have you haven’t learned.

Additionally, as part of a short or long rest you can study books or texts in languages you don’t know. Roll a d6 when you do so. On a roll of 6, you have advantage on saving throws against becoming frightened or despondent until you finish your next long rest.

Shade Summoner

At 6th level you begin to have visions of creatures and aberrations you’ve yet to come across – memories and records from your gnostic soul. You can sketch or scribe the likeness of an aberration, beast, elemental, fey, fiend, or ooze down on paper.

You can bring connections from your magical past into the world through the image. The image appears as a wispy, intangible figment of the creature at a spot that you can see within 60 feet and lasts for a minute.

The image uses the stat block of a creature up to CR 3 of the same type as the drawing. The creature’s stat block has the following changes: it’s hit points are equal to half your hit point maximum, it is resistant to bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage from non magical weapons, any speed it has is reduced to 5 feet. The figment acts like the creature would when your gnostic soul encountered it in the past, at the Gms discretion.

You can only evoke one image once per long rest.

Frenzied Fixation

At 14th level, the arcane knowledge buried deep in the vestiges of your existence erupts forth in a frenzy.

Over the course of a minute you can scribe one 3rd level spell scroll from the bard, sorcerer, warlock, or wizard spell list. You can cast the spell from the spell scroll without issue. If any other creature tries to use the scroll, it must make a DC 13 Intelligence saving throw. On a failure, it takes 3d10 physic damage and the spell fades from the scroll without effect.

If you scribe another spell before using the previous scroll, the first loses its powers.

Once this arcane impulse is unleashed and you scribe a scroll, it takes 1d4 days to build up again.

Arcane Memory

Starting at 18th level, as a bonus action you can use your gnostic soul to recall any spell from the bard, sorcerer, warlock, or wizard spell list that is 6th level or lower. This spell counts as a spell you know and as a sorcerer spell for you when you cast it. The memory of the spell fades at the end of your next turn, and you can’t recall another for 2d4 hours.

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