God-Blooded Sorcerer

The gods of all cultures of the world have a tendency to fraternize with mortals. Some of these escapades result in the birth of demigod children. These demigods, if they lived through their glorious destinies to bear children, passed down the bloodline of a god. Your direct ancestor, some number of generations ago, was an actual deity worshipped by millions. The domain of this deity is categorized into four traits — Earth, Chthonic, Ocean, and Sky. Choose one of these that best represents the god you call a distant relative and begin to walk the path of greatness bound for those of the God-Blood.

Descendent of Immortals

Starting at 1st level, depending on the divine origin of your bloodline add the following spells to your spell list. These spells are always prepared and do not count against the maximum number of spells you are capable of preparing. With the approval of your GM, you may replace a spell in this list with a spell of the same level that is more thematic for your bloodline.

Earth Spells
Class Level Spells
1st Animal friendship, entangle
3rd Barkskin, locate animals or plants
5th Conjure animals, merge into stone
7th Conjure minor elementals, stone shape
9th Commune with nature, tree stride
Chthonic Spells
Class Level Spells
1st Hellish Rebuke, Inflict Wounds
3rd Gentle Repose, Ray of Enfeeblement
5th Animate Dead, Speak with Dead
7th Death Ward, Phantasmal Killer
9th Antilife Shell, Modify Memory
Ocean Spells
Class Level Spells
1st Create or destroy water, purify food and drink
3rd Calm emotions, rope trick
5th Nondetection, sending
7th Control water, black tentacles
9th Dream, wall of force
Sky Spells
Class Level Spells
1st Bless, divine favor
3rd Aid, moonbeam
5th Call lightning, wind wall
7th Freedom of movement, guardian of faith
9th Contact other plane, flamestrike

Additionally, having the blood of a god within you makes your destiny almost undeniable. When you make an attack roll, skill check, or saving throw, you may reroll after seeing the result. You must take the new result. Once you use this ability, you must take a long rest before you can use it again.

Territorial Advantage

Starting at 6th level, you feel most at ease when you are in your element — bloodlines of Earth surrounded by trees or wildlife, Chthonic while underground, Ocean while on or underwater, Sky while in high places. While in your element, you may add your Charisma modifier in place of a modifier using a different attribute. If the roll already uses your Charisma modifier, gain advantage.

Word of the Ancestor

Starting at 14th level, you learn the spell Commune. It is always prepared and does not count against your total of prepared spells. When you cast this spell, you are no longer limited to brief yes or no answers. Your deity ancestor is directly called upon and may choose to answer you. If they do, your mind is projected to their current whereabouts and you may speak to each other for one minute or until the god dismisses you.

Deific Avatar

Starting at 18th level, as an action, you are able to temporarily transform into the avatar of your godly ancestor. The exact form this takes depends on the specific god and their domain. When you undergo the transformation, you gain two of the following benefits.

  • Divine Potency. Add your Charisma modifier to all damage rolls. If you are already adding it due to another feature, add it again.
  • Titan’s Brawn. Your size becomes Huge and you gain advantage on all Strength and Constitution skill and saving throws.
  • Ocean King. You gain a swim speed equal to your walking speed. When you make the transformation, you may summon 1d6 Giant Sharks (CR5) within 30 feet which obey your commands.
  • Sky Fury. You gain a flight speed equal to your walking speed. All enemy creatures within 100 feet of you gain vulnerability to damage from falling.
  • Elemental Numen. The ground within 15 feet of you becomes difficult terrain. When a creature rolls to attack you with a melee attack, you may use your reaction impose disadvantage on the roll.

The transformation lasts for one minute. Once you use this feature, you cannot use it again until you take a long rest.

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