Guardian (Legendary Games)

The guardian takes it upon herself to protect a dependent character, whether it is another one of the player characters or an NPC. This dependent can be anybody, from a child, to a member of royalty who has been entrusted to the PC’s care, or some other individual who is not fully capable of defending themselves. While her abilities are designed to protect the dependent, she may adjust who she is trying to protect at a moment’s notice.

The guardian offers this protection by interposing herself between her dependent and their attackers, by drawing attacks away from her charge, and by dealing rapid retribution when her charge is harmed.

Draw Attack

At 3rd level you may declare who your dependent is at the beginning of combat. If your dependent is threatened during an enemy’s turn, you may attempt to draw the attack as a reaction. Make a contested Intimidation, Deception, or Persuasion check (your choice) against your dependent’s attacker. If you win, the attacker ignores your dependent and attacks you instead.

Protective Shout

At 7th level, you can scream at any opponent during combat that you can see and is closer to your dependent than you are. This is a bonus action and the effects are the same as the vicious mockery spell.

Expeditious Dash

At 10th level, if your dependent is threatened by an enemy, you can move the distance between you and him as a reaction, even if you have already taken your full move.

You cannot move more than your regular speed, and you must end this extra movement next to your dependent.

Retributive Attack

At 15th level, you can make one attack against an opponent who has successfully hit your dependent that round as a reaction. You get Advantage on this attack.

Sacrificial Lunge

At 18th level, you can interpose yourself between an attacker and your dependent. You must be within ten feet of your dependent and you must make a Dexterity check with a DC = 10 + the amount the attack roll exceeded your dependent’s AC. If successful, you take the damage that your dependent would have taken, regardless of whether or not this attack would have hit your AC.

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