Gunner Heavy Weapon Path

Of all the weapons that have dominated the battlefield, the dwarven crankgun inspires the most fear. A crankgun mounted on a tachanka is terrifying; an ippo carrying it slung over his shoulder will cause entire regiments to flee the field.

Hail of Gunfire

At 3rd level, whenever you use a ranged heavy weapon that inflicts piercing damage, it inflicts an additional amount of piercing damage equal to half your heavy level (minimum of 1).

Improved Burst

At 6th level, you can increase the area of effect of a heavy burst fire weapon from 10 ft. to a 20-foot-cube area.

Advanced Burst

Starting at 10th level, when you use the burst fire trait of a heavy weapon, the Dexterity saving throw DC increases from 15 to 20.

Mega Burst

At 14th level, you double the damage from a heavy burst fire weapon. In addition, any heavy ranged weapon you wield that inflicts piercing damage ignores resistance to piercing damage and treats immunity to piercing damage as resistance to piercing damage.

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