The Gunslinger embraces that newest and most exotic of weapons, the firearm. They understand the arcane science behind gunpowder, and they appreciate the special care these weapons demand.

Given how few weapon smiths know anything about guns, the Gunslinger learns how to craft and repair these marvels of technology for themselves.

Other warriors, those who resist the inevitable, often refuse to give guns the proper respect. Once they encounter the Gunslinger—assuming they survive, of course—they learn to respect both the weapon and its wielder.


At 3rd level, you gain proficiency with firearms.

In addition, you gain proficiency with tinker’s tools, allowing you to craft firearms and their ammunition.

Lightning Draw

At 7th level, you can draw or stow multiple firearms without spending an action. In addition, you gain advantage on initiative checks when drawing a firearm.

Blood And Bullets

At 10th level, after you attack once in a turn, you can use a bonus action to gain advantage on your next firearm attack made that same round.

In addition, whenever you have advantage on an attack roll with your firearm, you deal an additional die of base firearm damage.

Quick Reload

At 15th level, you can reload a firearm as a Use an Object action.

Deadly Shot

At 18th level, your attacks deal critical hits on 19-20.

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