Herbalists are true masters of their environment, able to find and utilize the rare and often magical components hidden in the undergrowth. Using these skills, they can create wondrous tonics, salves, potions and balms that can provide themselves and their allies with temporary beneficial effects. These rangers are often considered to be healers and witch-doctors instead of warriors, but there is no doubt that their abilities can turn the tide of battle.

Herbalist Magic

3rd-level Herbalist feature

You learn an additional spell when you reach certain levels in this class, as shown in the Herbalist Spells table. The spell counts as a ranger spell for you, but it doesn’t count against the number of ranger spells you know.

Herbalist Spells
Ranger Level Spell(s)
3rd Purify food and drink
5th Enhance ability
9th Feign death
13th Death ward
17th Greater restoration

Bonus Proficiencies

3rd-level Herbalist feature

You gain proficiency with herbalism kits and one of the following skills: Medicine, Nature, or Survival (your choice).

You can add double your proficiency bonus when using an herbalism kit or the chosen skill. Additionally, when you use your action to stabilize a creature, you can make your Wisdom (Medicine) check with advantage.

Create Concoction

3rd-level Herbalist feature

As part of a long rest, you are able to create a number of salves and tinctures using your herbalism kit and materials you have collected during your travels (including medicinal herbs, roots and animal glands). When you finish a long rest, you can prepare a number of concoctions equal to 2 + your Wisdom modifier (minimum of 3) chosen from the Salves and Tinctures list below. Each concoction provides a single dose, which is consumed upon use.

If you are in one of your favored terrains, you may produce one additional concoction as you are able to easily find extra ingredients.

All concoctions lose their potency after 24 hours.

Salves and Tinctures
  • Burning Beeswax. This caustic beeswax must be carefully handled. As an action, the wax can be applied to a weapon or piece of ammunition. For the next minute, a hit with the weapon or ammunition deals an additional 2d4 acid damage.
  • Death Bell. A foul tasting tonic that is said prevents the dying from slipping into death. A creature can ingest the tonic as a bonus action to gain advantage on death saving throws for 8 hours.
  • Displacer Herb. This rare herb seems to forever shift and shiver in the hand. A creature can consume the herb as a bonus action. Until the start of its next turn, the creature does not provoke opportunity attacks as its form becomes difficult to focus upon.
  • Elfroot Granola. This recipe of simple nuts, fruit and nearby vegetation lightens the spirit and relieves tension. A creature that spends 1 minute consuming the food gains temporary hit points equal to 1d8 plus your wisdom modifier.
  • Gnomeberry Juice. This iron-tasting extract from a rare fruit can temporarily shrink you in size. As a bonus action, a creature can consume the liquid to gain the “reduce” effects of an enlarge/reduce spell for 10 minutes.
  • Hastening Sap. This golden liquid is said to be sap from the trees of the Feywild, though it can be found on trees near portals to that realm. A creature can ingest it as a bonus action to gain an increase of 15 feet to their speed for the next minute.
  • Hollowbone Tonic. Torn feathers float in this blueish liquid. A creature can consume the tonic as a bonus action, granting it resistance to falling damage and preventing any damage for falls of less than 30 feet for 8 hours.
  • Night Eye Berries. These dark berries can allow temporary vision in the darkest of locations. As an action, a creature can squeeze the juice from these berries into its eyes to gain darkvision for 1 hour. If a creature already has darkvision, its range increases by 30 feet.
  • Poison-Purge Potion. This vial of carefully distilled poison from local creatures and plants can forcibly remove toxins from the body. A creature can drink the potion as a bonus action to end the poisoned condition.
  • Pond Leaf. This dried and twisted leaf reeks of pond water. A creature that chews on this leaf for 1 minute can breathe water and gains a swimming speed equal to its walking speed for 8 hours.
  • Potent Musk. This mixture of animal glands can be used to calm a wild beast. A creature can apply the musk to their hands and clothing as an action, granting them advantage on Wisdom (Animal Handling) checks for 1 hour.
  • Shadow Rose Pollen. This aromatic flower is known to calm the nerves and improve concentration. A creature can consume the pollen as an action to gain advantage on Dexterity (Stealth) checks for 1 hour.
  • Slipstone Oil. This clear and slimy oil is difficult to procure and contain. A creature can spend 1 minute applying the oil to their person to gain advantage on saving throws against effects that would leave them grappled or restrained.
  • Stinging Spores. These delicate spores can explode into tiny airborne barbs when struck. A creature can spend one minute applying them to a cloak or armor of a creature. The next time the creature is hit by a melee attack, the attacker takes 2d6 piercing damage.

Natural Resistance

7th-level Herbalist feature

Your knowledge and use of various herbs has hardened your body against ill effects. You are immune to poison. This knowledge also leads you to make more potent concoctions.

Each dose of one of your concoctions restores 1d8 hit points to its recipients, in addition to its standard effects.

Elemental Balm

11th-level Herbalist feature

At 11th level, you have learned to use your magic to infuse your creations with elemental energy. As an action, and with your herbalism kit in hand, you can spend a spell slot of 1st level or higher to apply a defensive balm to a creature within 5 feet of you. The creature gains resistance to your choice of one of the following damage types: acid, cold, fire, lightning, poison or thunder. This resistance lasts for 1 hour.

A creature under this effect can choose to end the resistance as an action, making a melee spell attack against a creature within 5 feet of it, using your spell attack bonus.

This attack deals a number of d8s equal to the spell slot used, of the relevant damage type.

Potent Mixture

15th-level Herbalist feature

You have learned to be able to quickly produce a number of powerful mixtures from your gathered herbs and medicines.

Over the course of 10 minutes, you can create one of the following mixtures. This creation loses its potency after 24 hours. Once you use this feature you can’t use it again until you finish a long rest.

Potent Mixtures
  • Refreshing Herbs. This collection of fresh and potent herbs can be ingested by a creature as a bonus action to remove all levels of exhaustion.
  • Prophetic Powder. These dried and crushed rare flowers allow the user a supernatural glimpse of the immediate future. A creature can consume the powder as a bonus action. For the next minute, the creature has advantage on attack rolls, saving throws and ability checks.
  • Regenerative Potion. This murky bottle contains a pickled troll eye. A creature can consume the potion as a bonus action. For the next minute, the creature regains 1d8 hit points at the start of each of its turns. This effect ceases to function if the creature takes any fire or acid damage.
  • Tincture of Life. This golden liquid has been carefully distilled from a rare and deadly plant usually found in the Feywild. A creature can use an action to feed the mixture to a humanoid that has died within the last hour. The dead creature returns to 1 hit point and immediately suffers one level of exhaustion.
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