Horse Nomad

Thundering across grasslands, savannas, and deserts, horse nomads are swift and sure, they are rangers who live on horseback; many can ride before they can walk. When entire tribes of these fast riding rangers descend flow out of the wilds into more settled areas farms burn and cities close their gates in fear.


At 3rd level when you choose this archetype, you gain proficiency with Animal Handling and smith’s tools.

Additionally, mounting or dismounting only costs you 5 feet of movement. You have advantage on saves to avoid falling off a mount. If you do fall off, you land on your feet unless you are incapacitated or fall more than 10 feet.

Fancy Riding

At 7th level, choose two of the following riding tricks. You gain an additional riding trick at 10th, 15th, and 10th levels.

  • Blinding Charge When mounted, you may make move at double your mount’s speed and make an attack as a single action.
  • Nomad Dodge When mounted, if you are attacked, you may use your reaction to slide around to the side of your horse, riding hanging off of one flank for a moment. This causes the attack to suffer disadvantage. You may use Nomad Dodge a number of times each combat round equal to your Dexterity modifier.
  • Jumping The distance and height your mount may jump is doubled.
  • Mount Attack Your mount may make one attack as if it were acting independently.
  • Pick up When mounted, you may move your mount’s full speed and pick an item off of the ground.
  • Stable Platform When mounted, your ranged attacks gain +2 to hit.

Terrifying Charge

At 11th level, if you are mounted, you can charge at a foe with such suddenness and fury that they shake in their boots. On your turn, if you travel at least 40 feet before taking an attack action you can choose to use terrifying charge. When you do so, designate a target. That target and any of its allies within 5 feet must make a Wisdom saving throw with a DC equal of 8 + your Strength modifier + your proficiency bonus, or gain the frightened condition for 1d6 rounds. You may use this feature once, and it recharges following a short rest.

Mass of Horse Flesh

Beginning at 15th level, you can interpose your mount in such a way to prevent or deflect attacks against you and it. If you are mounted, you do not suffer disadvantage when attacking with a ranged weapon in melee. Furthermore, when moving away from a foe while mounted you do not provoke an attack of opportunity.

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