Wizards who pursue illumination magic, called illuminators, use the stars to predict when danger is near, and they draw on the power of light to attack their foes.

This branch of magic is popular with those who delve underground, because its spells work best where light is dim or absent.

If you’re a wizard who wants to become an illuminator, you make that decision upon reaching 2nd level, when you are also entitled to choose an arcane tradition. If you decide to follow the path of the illuminator exclusively, you can forego the selection of an arcane tradition and gain the features of the illuminator specialty instead. You can also pursue the illuminator specialty in conjunction with one of the standard arcane traditions. If you choose to do this, you gain the Savant feature of your chosen school in addition to Illumination Magic Savant (described below). Also at 2nd level, you choose whether to gain Omen of Warning (see below) or the 2nd-level feature of your chosen school. Thereafter, at 6th, 10th, and 14th level, you choose between the lowest-level features still available. For instance, a diviner might select Portent at 2nd level and Omen of Warning at 6th level, followed by either Expert Divination or Master of the Radiant Heavens at 10th level.

Illumination Magic Savant

Beginning when you select this school at 2nd level, the gold and time needed to copy illumination spells into your spellbook is halved.

Omen of Warning

Starting at 2nd level, you can forecast danger for the next 24 hours by studying the stars for 1 hour. The stars must be visible to you for you to use this feature. Studying the stars in this way gives you advantage on up to two initiative rolls. The bonus remains for 24 hours or until the end of your next long rest.

Instead of using this feature on yourself, you can grant advantage on an initiative roll to one other creature you can see when initiative rolls are made, but doing this prevents you from using the benefit on yourself in that combat. You can choose whether to use this feature at the moment initiative is rolled, but you must make the decision before rolling the die.

Master of the Radiant Heavens

Starting when you reach 6th level, the spell attack modifier and spell save DC for any cantrips you cast in dim light or darkness increases by 1.

Illusions of Permanence

Beginning at 10th level, illusion spells you cast that require concentration last for 1 round after you stop concentrating, as long as the spell hasn’t exceeded its duration.

Comprehension of the Starry Sky

Starting at 14th level, during a long rest you can consult the stars and comprehend some meaning in a cosmic event. The stars must be visible to you for you to use this ability. The insight you gather is stored as a small reserve of magic inside an item that has meaning to you; a star chart or an astrolabe is commonly used, but any item that can be held in your hand will suffice. When the item is in your hand, you can consume that stored magic as a bonus action to produce one of the effects described below. The insight is expended in one use, and it is lost if it hasn’t been used within 24 hours or by the time you start your next long rest.

  • Comet: Comets are the harbingers of change and instability. You can change your appearance as if you had cast an alter self spell, but the effect doesn’t require concentration and lasts until you finish a long rest.
  • Conjunction: Planetary conjunctions destabilize minds and emotions. You can give one creature you can see disadvantage on a saving throw against one enchantment or illusion spell you cast.
  • Eclipse: Eclipses plunge the world into darkness and strengthen connections to the shadow plane. When you cast a spell of 5th level or lower that deals necrotic damage, you can reroll a number of damage dice equal to your Intelligence modifier (minimum of one die). You must use the new rolls.
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