Insects Domain

Some clerics and priests dedicate themselves to insectoid deities.

Cleric Level Spells
1st find familiar, mage hand (swarm of insects)
3rd spider climb, web
5th stinking cloud, vampiric touch
7th blight, giant insect
9th contagion, insect plague

Venom Resistance

At 1st level you have so much experience with poisonous insects that you develop resistance to their bite. You are resistant to poison damage and immune to the poisoned condition.

Monstrous Vermin

Also at 1st level, your affinity with vermin grants you a familiar. When you cast the find familiar spell, the familiar you attract differs from a typical familiar, but has similar stats as follows. All these vermin are much larger than typical members of their species.

Standard Familiar Vermin Familiar
Bat Monstrous Moth
Cat Monstrous Ant
Crab Crab
Frog Monstrous Cricket or Grasshopper
Hawk Monstrous Horsefly or Mosquito (inflicts piercing damage)
Lizard Monstrous Beetle
Octopus Sea Slug
Owl Monstrous Dragonfly
Poisonous Snake Monstrous Centipede
Quipper Monstrous Water Scorpion
Scorpion Scorpion
Rat Monstrous Cockroach
Raven Monstrous Bee or Wasp (no mimicry)
Sea Horse Monstrous Waterbug
Spider Spider
Weasel Monstrous Earwig

Channel Divinity: Summon Swarm

Starting at 2nd level, you call upon a swarm of insects to your side. For 10 minutes, the swarm remains in a 30-foot radius sphere centered on you. The area is heavily obscured for creatures other than you and allies you designate. The swarm moves with you and stays centered on you. A wind of at least 10 miles per hour disperses the swarm and ends the effect. While you are in the swarm, you can use your reaction when hit with a melee attack to cause 1d6 poison damage to the attacker.

Dense Swarm

Beginning at 6th level, you can condense your swarm. Small or smaller flying creatures or objects can’t pass through the swarm. Arrows, bolts, and other ordinary projectiles launched at targets within the swarm are deflected upward and automatically miss. (Boulders hurled by giants or siege engines, and similar projectiles, are unaffected.)

Blessed of Apshai

At 8th level, your Summoned Swarm inflicts increases its poisonous damage to 1d8 and it becomes so dense with insects that it can carry anyone within it aloft. The swarm has a flying speed of 30 feet. You control the direction of the swarm as a bonus action. Any willing creature within the swarm moves with it; unwilling creatures can make a Strength saving throw to avoid being carried along.

Swarming of Dispersal

When you reach 17th level, you can discorporate into your swarm. When you take damage, you can use your reaction to give yourself resistance to that damage and teleport into an unoccupied space within your swarm’s radius. You can use this feature a number of times equal to your proficiency bonus, and you regain all expended uses when you finish a long rest.

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