Jump Trooper

During the Century War, thousands of soldiers were subjected to fringe experiments in the hopes of developing a military edge over the erahthi. While the infused and paragons are the most recognizable results of this experimentation, the path to their creation is littered with the remnants of others inflicted with strange supernatural powers. Akasaati jump troopers began as crippled or dying war veterans who were outfitted with experimental automata and infused with aetherite in the hopes of developing advanced human-machine interfaces. The project that created jump troopers ceased operation nearly 20 years ago, but independent mercenary companies and other organizations still carry out similar augmentations.

Integrated Thrusters

At 1st level, you endured hours of painful surgeries and liquid aetherite injections to be outfitted with a unique automata prototype. The result is a self-powered piece of automata permanently fused to your body at the center of your chest and the palms of your hands, without the need for additional prosthetic replacement. This functions as an aether thruster automata enhancement (see page 18) but does not require the replacement of your limbs. The thrusters are not powered by normal aetheric energy, but rather your internal reserves. As such, the thruster is treated as having a capacity of 10 charges per Fighter level and fully recharges after a long rest. These charges may not be drained from you your integrated thrusters may not be disabled by spells or abilities that target automata.

This piece of automata does not count against your normal implantation limit. Additionally, you treat your integrated thrusters as firearms for the purposes of effects that modify firearms.

Weaponized Thrusters

At 7th level, you add 10 feet to the range of your integrated thrusters when used as a ranged weapon attack and add 5 feet to this range for every four levels beyond 7th level. You only need to spend 1 charge when firing your integrated thrusters as weapons and may do so while flying without falling. The damage of your integrated thrusters increased to 1d8 at 7th level, 1d10 at 10th, 2d6 at 13th, and 3d6 at 18th.

Burst Flight

At 10th level you can use a bonus action to add a +10 bonus to the flying speed provided by your integrated thrusters for 1 minute. This bonus increases by +10 at 14th level and every four levels thereafter, to a maximum bonus of +30 at 18th level.

Thrust Efficiency

At 15th level, you further adapt to the use of your integrated aether thrusters and have learned the trick to getting the maximum force out of as little fuel as possible.

You now only need to spend 2 charges per round to use her integrated thrusters.

Infinite Ammo

At 18th level, you no longer drain charges from your integrated thrusters when firing them as weapons.

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