Jurist Artisan Specialization

The highly-ranked Jurist Guild consists of legal professions of all types, from lawyers to judges. When other cultures speak of the ridiculous paperwork and bureaucracy of Flandrian society, the Jurists Guild inevitably comes up as an egregious example. Keygnomes love their laws, at least as much as they allow capitalism to flourish, and will frequently resort to suing each other rather than open conflict.

Tool Proficiency

When you adopt this specialization at 3rd level, you gain proficiency with calligrapher’s supplies. If you already have this proficiency, you gain proficiency with one other type of artisan’s tools of your choice.

Jurist’s Ear

You develop a keen ear for detecting lies. Whenever you make a Wisdom (Insight) check to determine whether a creature is lying, treat a roll of 7 or lower on the d20 as an 8.

Eye for Detail

At 3rd level, you gain advantage on any Wisdom (Perception) or Intelligence (Investigation) check if you move no more than half your speed on the same turn.

Legal Immunity

At 5th level, you are a master of legal proceedings even in other nations. You can learn the local laws and customs of an area by spending one day speaking with the general population. After a day has passed, any lawful-aligned member of a jurisdiction that attempts to penalize you for breaking the law, including attacking or arresting you, must first make a Wisdom saving throw. On a failed save, the creature must choose a new target. If it can’t choose a new target (because there is no one else with you or because your crimes are so severe you are obviously guilty), it reduces the severity of punishment. This legal immunity only applies to you and any legal representative must be able to see and hear you to be affected.

Persuade the Court

Starting at 9th level, your discipline and attention to detail allow you to excel in social situations that require strict adherence to etiquette. You can add your Wisdom modifier to any Charisma check you make to persuade or please anyone else of high social station. You also gain proficiency in the History, Insight, or Persuasion skill (choose one). Alternatively, you learn one language of your choice.

Letter of the Law

At 15th level, you create a binding document using an action and calligrapher’s supplies. Any creature that belongs to a Progress level 2 society and that can read the language on the document is obligated to respect what is outlined therein. The letter counts as one of your innovations; if you do not switch to another innovation, it lasts a full year. The letter provides the full support of your guild’s resource such that you are exempt from legal repercussions. You cannot be fined, arrested, or otherwise retaliated against for most crimes. This immunity extends to your companions (up to five others), but may have limits dictated by other communities, like religious institutions. In cases where an individual may wish to violate the rules written on the document, they can make a Charisma saving throw. Failure means the individual (begrudgingly) must adhere to these rules, but can make a new saving throw each day.

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