Knight Hospitaler

A knight hospitaller is a fighter trained in the arts of healing, whether on the battlefield or away from it. This vital function is especially important when divine spellcasters are not available, or in low-magic settings.

Knight hospitallers also receive a small amount of mystic training, enabling them to treat various conditions.

Healing Expertise

At 3rd level, your proficiency bonus (if any) is doubled for Wisdom (Medicine) ability checks.

Steel Will

Also starting at 3rd level, you have advantage on saving throws against being frightened.

Lay on Hands

Starting at 7th level, your mystic touch can heal wounds.

You have a pool of healing power that replenishes when you take a long rest. With that pool, you can restore a total number of hit points equal to your fighter level × 5. As an action, you can touch a creature and draw power from the pool to restore a number of hit points to that creature, up to the maximum amount remaining in your pool.

Alternatively, you can expend 5 hit points from your pool of healing to cure the target of one disease or neutralize one poison affecting it. You can cure multiple diseases and neutralize multiple poisons with a single use of Lay on Hands, expending hit points separately for each one. This feature has no effect on undead and constructs.

Additional Fighting Style

At 10th level, you can choose a second option from the Fighting Style class feature.

Aura of Courage

Starting at 15th level, you and friendly creatures within 10 feet of you can’t be frightened while you are conscious.

Cleansing Touch

Beginning at 18th level, you can use your action to end one spell on yourself or on one willing creature that you touch. You can use this feature a number of times equal to your Wisdom modifier (a minimum of once). You regain expended uses when you finish a long rest.

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