Kyubi Inheritor

As their name implies, kyubi inheritors are kitsune sorcerers who have inherited their kyubi powers from another. In most cases, this “other” is an honored ancestor who also possessed a kyubi bloodline, but in others an ordinary kitsune can be transformed into a kyubi due to exposure to strange magics or as a divine gift from the gods, most often the kitsune patron Inari. Kyubi are masters of magic, superimposing their vision upon reality itself in the form of potent illusions, transmutations, and enchantments.

Sorcerer Level Feature
1st Kyubi Ascension, Kyubi Spell Lore
6th Polyform
14th Anyform
18th Effortless Magic

Kyubi Ascension

At 1st level, you gain the Kyubi Ascension feat. You don’t gain the Charisma increase described by the feat, but you can use your sorcerer spell slots to cast any bard spells you’ve learned using Kyubi Ascension; if any such spell doesn’t appear on the sorcerer spell list, the spell is nonetheless a sorcerer spell for you when you cast it using a sorcerer spell slot.

Kyubi Spell Lore

At 1st level, you learn an additional sorcerer spell. This spell must belong to the enchantment, illusion, or transmutation schools and it must be of a sorcerer spell level that you can cast.

You can replace this spell whenever you complete a short or long rest, but you must replace it with another enchantment, illusion, or transmutation spell of a sorcerer spell level that you can cast.


At 6th level, you gain the Polyform feat. You don’t gain the Charisma increase described by the feat. If you already have this feat, you instead increase your Charisma score by 1, to a maximum of 120.


At 14th level, you can use your action to use shapechanger to transform your appearance into that of any Medium or Small humanoid, or into any Medium or smaller beast. When using shapechanger to transform into a beast (including the fox form described by your Polyform feat), your statistics are the same.

You are limited in the actions you can perform by the nature of your new form and cannot take actions that require hands or speech with the exception of speak and cast spells, which you are able to do despite your new appearance. You can’t activate, wield, or otherwise benefit from any of your equipment.

Effortless Magic

At 18th level, you don’t need to concentrate on any enchantment, illusion, or transmutation spell that you cast.

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