Leatherworker Artisan Specialization

Bonus Proficiencies

When you adopt this specialization at 3rd level, you gain proficiency with leatherworker’s tools. If you already have this proficiency, you gain proficiency with one other type of artisan’s tools of your choice. You also add the orgone engine and leather material blueprints to your portfolio, and these additions do not count against your maximum number of blueprints owned. If you already have the engine or material in your portfolio, you learn another engine or material blueprint of your choice.

If you have an orgone engine available, you can combine it with your leatherworker’s tools as an action to create power tools. These power tools allow you to build creations at a much faster speed than would normally be possible by a single individual.

Advanced Leatherworking

At 3rd level, when using leatherworker’s power tools, you can reduce the time to create a leather object from months to weeks (determined by dividing the total number of weeks required by 4), weeks to days, days to hours, hours to minutes, and minutes to rounds.

Cure Mammal Hide

Also at 3rd level, you use leatherworker’s power tools, a Medium or larger mammal’s corpse, and an hour to create hide armor for a Medium creature. You add the Mammal Hide innovation to your portfolio for free and all the armor you create from this feature is collectively considered one active innovation. The AC of armor from the creature is 11. For each additional hour spent curing the hide, the armor increases by 1 to the creature’s natural armor class, which is calculated by subtracting the creature’s Dexterity bonus from its AC. Skinning sentient creatures (like winter wolves or worgs) in this fashion is considered an evil act by most civilized species. You can create two suits of armor from Large creatures, four from Huge, and eight from Gargantuan creatures, but the time increases by one hour for each additional piece of armor you create. Similarly, it takes four Small or 16 Tiny creatures to make Medium-sized armor. Armor for Small creatures take half the time while armor for Large creatures take double the time.

Leather Size AC
Bear, Black Medium 11
Bear, Brown Large 11
Deer Medium 11
Elk Large 11
Giant Ape Huge 11
Giant Badger Medium 11
Giant Bat Large 11
Giant Elk Huge 11
Giant Goat Large 11
Giant Hyena Large 11
Giant Rat Small 11
Giant Weasel Medium 11
Lion Large 11
Panther Medium 11
Saber-Toothed Tiger Large 11
Tiger Large 11
Wolf Medium 11
Hide Size AC
Bear, Polar Large 12
Dire Wolf Large 12
Giant Boar Large 12
Mammoth Huge 12
Rhinoceros Large 12
Winter Wolf Large 12
Worg Large 12
Elephant Huge 13

Pluck Feathers

At 5th level, using leatherworker’s power tools and one minute of time, you can pluck the best feathers from a feathered creature’s corpse and incorporate it into armor. You add the Feathers blueprint to your portfolio for free, and all the feathered armor you create from this feature is collectively considered one active innovation. The number of feathered corpses necessary for a Medium armor requires 16 Tiny, 4 Small, or 1 Medium body. Large feathered beings provide enough feathers for two Medium-sized armors, 4 from Huge, and 16 from Gargantuan. These numbers double or halve for smaller or larger armor. A creature who wears the feathers has advantage on Charisma-based checks if the challenge rating * 4 of the creature it is making the check against is equal to or higher than the armor wearer’s level (minimum of 1).

Feathered Hide Size Level Advantage
Aarakocra Medium 1
Axe Beak Large 1
Giant Owl Large 1
Giant Eagle Large 4
Giant Vulture Large 4
Harpy Medium 4
Hippogriff Large 4
Griffon Large 8
Peryton Medium 8
Pegasus Large 9
Owlbear Large 12
Couatl Medium 16
Celestial, Deva Medium 20
Celestial, Planetar Large 20
Celestial, Planetar Large 20
Celestial, Solar Large 20
Demon, Vrock Large 20
Devil, Erinyes Medium 20
Roc Gargantuan 20
Sphinx, Andro- Large 20
Sphinx, Gyno- Large 20

Cure Reptilian Hide

Beginning at 9th level, using leatherworker’s power tools and an hour, you can create armor from a reptilian creature’s corpse using your Cure Mammal Hide feature. In addition, any armor you create (mammal or reptilian) provides resistance to one damage type possessed by the creature, or resistance to a damage type it was immune to.

Leather Size AC
Dinosaur, Plesiosaurus Large 11
Dinosaur, Pteranodon Medium 11
Giant Constrictor Snake Huge 11
Giant Lizard Large 11
Giant Poisonous Snake Medium 11
Hide Size AC
Crocodile Large 12
Dinosaur, Allosaurus Large 12
Naga, Spirit Large 12
Dinosaur, Tyrannosaurus Rex Huge 13
Wyvern Large 13
Scale Mail Size AC
Behir Huge 14
Dinosaur, Triceratops Huge 14
Hydra Huge 14
Naga, Guardian Large 14
Half Plate Size AC
Dragon, Young Large 14-17
Dinosaur, Anklyosaurus Huge 15
Giant Crocodile Huge 15
Dragon, Wyrmling Medium 15-16
Basilisk Medium 16
Plate Size AC
Dragon, Adult Huge 17-18
Gorgon Large 19
Dragon, Ancient Gargantuan 20-22

Cure Exotic Hide

Starting at 15th level, using leatherworker’s power tools and an hour, you can create hide, leather, scale, or plate armor from a creature’s corpse using your Cure Mammal Hide feature. You can create armor from any terrestrial creature that is not classified as a mammal, bird, or reptile. Additionally, any armor you create gains one resistance of the original creature. Finally, you can also gain one natural attack of the creature incorporated into your armor. The attack uses Strength or Dexterity, the wearer’s choice, and inflicts damage equal to the original creature’s but the dice size increases or decreases to medium (so a Large creature inflicting 1d10 damage inflicts 1d8 and a Small creature inflicting 1d6 damage inflicts 1d8). You cannot fashion armor out of constructs, elementals, oozes, or plants.

Leather Size AC
Giant Frog Medium 11
Giant Sea Horse Large 11
Giant Spider Large 11
Giant Toad Large 11
Hunter Shark Large 11
Manticore Large 11
Nightmare Large 11
Reef Shark Medium 11
Unicorn Large 11
Hide Size AC
Cloaker Large 12
Grick Medium 12
Killer Whale Huge 12
Giant Shark Huge 13
Rust Monster Medium 13
Breast Plate Size AC
Ankheg Large 14
Chimera Large 14
Giant Scorpion Large 14
Hell Hound Medium 14
Otyugh Large 14
Half Plate Size AC
Hook Horror Large 15
Chuul Large 16
Remorhaz Huge 16
Plate Size AC
Bulette Large 17
Roper Large 21
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