There were none more capable of military and civic duty than the legionnaires of Rome. In exchange for 25 years of service to Rome, legionnaires were granted their own parcel of land and the wealth that came with it. This service required more than just a devotion to violence. Legionnaires were renown members of society — workers, engineers, craftsmen, and police. It was this kinship for their country that bound them all in a single goal — for the glory of Rome. As masters of war, the legionnaires most often wielded an array of weaponry most versatile for their needs. The pilum (javelin), scutum (shield), gladius (short sword), and pugio (dagger). Praised for their effectiveness in combat, the legionnaires would be known as the premier fighting force in the world.

Rapid Preparation

When you choose this archetype at 3rd level, you gain proficiency with one type of artisan’s tools. Additionally, you are trained to set up a fortified encampment at a moment’s notice. Given one minute to prepare, you may prepare a 100-foot wide square for combat. Choose one of the following every time you set up an encampment.

  • Palisades. Construct four spiked wooden palisades and place them tactically to route your enemy’s movement. Palisades take up a 5-foot square. While an enemy is adjacent to a palisade, they have disadvantage on Dexterity saving throws and -1 AC due to lost mobility. If pushed into a palisade forcefully, a creature takes 1d6 damage.
  • Pitfall. Dig a 5-foot deep 10-foot-wide pit and cover it loosely. When a creature steps on the pit, they must make a DC 15 Dexterity saving throw or fall prone and take 1d10 damage.
  • Oil Pots. Hang or tactically place two pots of oil. When the pots are dropped, broken, or stepped on, they spread as if using the spell grease. Additionally, targets standing in the oil take an additional 2d6 damage from any source of fire.

Adaptable Violence

Starting at 7th level, your arsenal has become a core part of you giving you greater flexibility with your weaponry. You can make a thrown attack with a pilum (javelin) as a bonus action. Additionally, you can switch what weapons or items you are holding as a free action once on your turn.

Concentrated Training

Starting at 10th level, you have specialized your skills into one of the main tenets of the legionnaire. Choose one of the following.

  • Resolute Leader. As a bonus action, grant an ally inspiration. After you have used this ability, you cannot use it again until you take a short or long rest.
  • Cunning Engineer. Gain proficiency in two additional artisan’s tools and two skills of your choice. Choose one skill you are proficient in and double your proficiency bonus when using that skill.
  • The Vanguard. Shields now grant you +3 AC. You may plant your shield into the ground and still gain the AC bonus as if you were carrying it as long as you remain within 5 feet of it.

Mind for Strategy

Starting at 15th level, your tactical prowess has reached greater heights. If spend a turn in combat without attacking, you gain advantage on all attack rolls for the next two rounds.

Legionarius Maximus

Starting at 18th level, you are a veteran of many campaigns and a grizzled warrior to be venerated. You are immune to the frightened condition. When you make a pilum thrown attack against an opponent with a shield, even if the attack misses, the pilum strikes through the shield and is stuck. The shield no longer provides an AC bonus. Additionally, as an action you can put your full force into a shield bash attempting to knock your opponent off their guard. Your target must make a DC 15 Constitution saving throw. If they fail, they are stunned until the beginning of your next turn.

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