Mage of the Pyramid

Only those of proven power and skill, sponsored by another member, are invited to join the group. Members are always sorcerers, warlocks, or wizards. While technically a bard or a member of another arcane spellcasting class could qualify, few have ever joined.

To be invited to join, a character must be able to cast 4th-level arcane spells, and must have an existing member willing to act as their sponsor. A new member of the guild is called an Initiate, and many Initiates include this rank as their formal title. After two years of membership and proving that they can cast 5th-level arcane spells, the Initiate may request promotion to Adept.

After three more years of membership and proving that they can cast 8th-level arcane spells, the Adept can request promotion to the rank of Master.

The following are class features for members of this organization; instead of level requirements, the character must have the listed rank or higher within the guild. Upon achieving the listed rank and paying the dues for that year, the character participates in a magical ritual that unlocks the ability for that guild rank.

Spell Affinity (Initiate)

Choose one arcane spell you know of 2nd level or higher. Casting this spell comes so easily to you that it expends only a fraction of your spellcasting efforts. When you cast this spell using a spell slot, you regain one expended spell slot. The slot you regain must be of a level lower than the spell you cast and can’t be higher than 5th level.

Upon becoming an Adept, you may choose a second spell to gain the benefits of this ability.

Upon becoming a Master, you may choose a third spell to gain the benefits of this ability.

Spell Weaving (Adept)

You can use a bonus action to weave together two arcane spell slots of the same level to create one arcane spell slot whose level is one higher.

For example, you could weave together two 1st-level spell slots to create one 2nd-level spell slot, or two 3rd-level spell slots to create one 4th-level spell slot. The created spell slot cannot be of a spell level higher than you can cast.

You can use a bonus action to unweave one arcane spell slot to create two arcane spell slots whose level is one lower. For example, you could unweave a 4th-level spell slot to create two 3rd-level spell slots.

Spell Emphasis (Master)

When you cast an arcane spell, you can expend a second spell slot of the spell’s level to add extra power to it, increasing your spell save DC and spell attack bonus by 2. Using this ability does not increase the casting time or use any additional actions other than what is needed to cast the spell.

The pyramid hearkens back to ancient lore, in which it symbolized the power of many being focused into one—like the power of a kingdom focusing on the king.

A warlock Adept who can cast an 8th-level spell using their Mystic Arcanum feature qualifies for promotion to Master.

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