Rangers who embody the Nightstalker archetype swear allegiance to shadows and learn to attune their souls to the night itself. After you begin walking this path, you will never be at ease again under the sun’s revealing light. You become a creature of the night, using subterfuge and dark magic to best your foes.

Cover of Darkness

The shadows of the night fool the eyes and bewitch the senses. At 3rd level, you learn silent image as a ranger spell and gain proficiency in Stealth. When within an area of shadows or dim light, you can use the Hide action when you’re adjacent to a creature or object at least as big as yourself, even if you’re being observed.

Shadow Ghosts

At 7th level, you learn the mirror image spell. When a creature hits one of your mirror images, you may use your reaction to make a single melee weapon attack against that creature.

Haunting Presence

At 11th level, you learn the darkness and blur spells.

When you hit an opponent in an area of dim light or darkness, you deal an additional 1d8 necrotic damage.

Transient Shadows

At 15th level, you learn gaseous form as a ranger spell. Additionally, when you are the target of an attack or spell, you may choose to transform into a shadowy haze, as gaseous form, as a reaction.

You are treated as being in gaseous form when resolving the attack or spell effect. As long as you maintain concentration, you remain in this form for up to 10 minutes. While in this form, you are also under the effects of nondetection.

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