Oath of Autonomy

Tenets of Autonomy

  • Freedom from Religious Oppression. The strength of your belief knows no rival. The greatest sin of all is for another to force a man into false worship.
  • Tactics Over Raw Strength. A sharp mind can overthrow empires. Not all wars were won by superior strength of arms. Outmaneuvering your opponent is vital to victory.
  • Defense of the Homeland. All living souls deserve the freedom of their home and the right to believe what they wish. Intruders of aggression, physical or ideological, will be dealt with swiftly before they know what hit them.

Mislead, Passwall

Autonomy Spells
Class Level Spells
3rd Expeditious Retreat, Longstrider
5th Invisibility, Pass Without Trace
9th Haste, Nondetection
13th Freedom of Movement, Greater Invisibility

Channel Divinity: Lightning Hammer

You can use your channel divinity to rapidly enter the fray of combat. When initiative is rolled, as long as you are not surprised you gain advantage on your initiative roll and all attacks on your first turn of combat. If you surprise your enemies, you gain the aforementioned effects as well as an additional amount of damage on your first attack equal to your Paladin level plus your Charisma Modifier. If you are surprised, you may roll initiative normally and act in the surprise round.

Light on Your Feet

Starting at 3rd level, medium armor no longer imposes disadvantage on stealth rolls. Additionally, you gain proficiency in either Stealth or Survival.

Aura of Rallying

Starting at 7th level, for the first round of combat, you and any friendly creatures within 15 feet during the initiative roll increase their movement speed by 10 feet and gain a bonus to melee weapon attacks equal to your proficiency bonus.

Veteran of Rebellion

Starting at 15th level, you are unable to be surprised in combat. Additionally, enemies can no longer have advantage to attack you as long as you are conscious.

Shadow of the Lord

At 20th level, you become the embodiment of sudden death. You are the one your enemies fear will ambush them in the night so they are never to be seen again. You gain all of the following:

  • You can cast Pass Without Trace as a cantrip and cannot be tracked by even magical means.
  • You are unable to be targeted by Divination magic.
  • Once per day, when initiative is rolled you can declare sudden death. You and all your allies immediately act in a surprise round and are immune to all negative conditions for one minute.
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