Oath of Justice

Paladins that swear an Oath of Justice most often do so under the auspice of Marduk or Shamash, but Ishtar and Nergal certainly embody the more vindictive or outright vengeful aspects of justice as well. Often mounted and making use of a wide range of weaponry, Paladins of Justice travel great distances in search of those seeking to evade the consequences of their crimes, bringing a swift end to the enemies of their chosen deity.

Class Level Spells
1st heroism, shield
3rd blur, invisibility
5th Counterspell, Nondetection
7th Faithful Hound, Stoneskin
9th Mislead, Telepathic Bond

Channel Divinity: Thundering Blow

Starting at 3rd level, your Divine Smite can be used with ranged and thrown attacks. When you smite a creature with a ranged or thrown attack, you can use your Channel Divinity to cause a bolt of lightning to strike through your target and onward in a 30-foot line behind them dealing half the smite’s damage to all targets caught in the lightning. Creatures can make a DC 15 Dexterity saving throw to take half damage. You can also use your Channel Divinity to make a rushing attack. When you strike a target with a ranged or thrown attack within your movement range, you may spend your Channel Divinity and rush forward in a supernatural blur, drawing a melee weapon and making a melee attack as a bonus action with advantage.

Aura of Exposed Weakness

Starting at 7th level, targets moving out of a 15-foot range of you provoke a special attack of opportunity. As a reaction, you may make a ranged or thrown attack against them.

Optimal Range

Starting at 15th level, you are quick on your feet to keep distance between you and your prey. When a creature moves within 15 feet of you, you may use your reaction to mirror the next 15 feet of their movement exactly. If they move toward you, you move away. You can use this feature even if you have expended all movement for the round and it does not expend future movement for the round. You can only use this feature once per round.

Volley of Death

Starting at 20th level, your presence on the battlefield is an omen of doom for your enemies. You gain the following abilities.

  • When attacking creatures within 15 feet of you but not in melee range, you gain advantage on all ranged and thrown attacks against those creatures and may add your Charisma modifier to the damage.
  • When you have used all of your attacks on your turn for ranged or thrown attacks and they have all hit, you may make another ranged or thrown attack at a -3 penalty. If that attack hits, you may make another attack at a cumulative -3 penalty. You may continue making attacks as long as they hit.
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