Oath of the Spider Queen

Sometimes called Spider Champions, these paladins pledge their life and soul to the service of a spider deity. They believe in evil and trickery, spinning their own webs of intrigue in her name. A paladin must be evil to become a Spider Champion.

Oath Spells

You gain oath spells at the paladin levels listed.

Oath of the Spider Queen Spells
Paladin Level Spells
3rd spider climb, darkness
5th web, armor of agathys
9th invisibility, enlarge/reduce
13th feign death, vampiric touch
17th black tentacles, greater invisibility

Channel Divinity

Aspect of the Swarm: As an action, you gain the ability to use your Channel Divinity ability transform your body into a swarm of spiders. You gain the hit points and all abilities of the swarm. If the swarm form is reduced to zero hit points, you revert back to your normal form, and any hit point damage inflicted beyond 0 hit points is transferred to your hit points.

  • Web : At 7th level, you can cast web once per short rest as an action that does not cost a spell slot.
  • Summon Spiders: At 15th level, you may summon spiders as per the conjure animals spell once per short rest as an action that does not cost a spell slot. You may only summon spiders with this ability.
  • Spider Form: At 20th level you may transform into a spider, similarly to a druid of equal level. You may use this ability to turn into a spider of up to CR 3, and may perform this ability twice. You regain this ability after a short rest.
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