Path of Frozen Fury

Barbarians that wander the frozen north are said to have ice in their veins. Their rage does not burn within them so much as blind them to every emotion except bloodlust—their only care is for violence. They shut out pain, fear, and winter’s chill alike to finish a battle.

Winter’s Fury

Once you choose this path at 3rd level, the very air around you freezes when you enter a rage. All creatures within 5 feet of you at the end of your turn take 1d6 points of cold damage. This damage increases to 1d10 at 6th level, 2d6 at 10th level, and 2d10 at 14th level. You are immune to this damage.

Frigid Body

Starting at 6th level, frigid winds buffet the space around you when you enter a rage, knocking away missiles targeting you. Your Armor Class increases by 2 against ranged weapon attacks.


Upon reaching 10th level, your mind shuts out all pain and fear, filling you with a cold resolve to fight on. You cannot be frightened or poisoned while raging. If you are frightened or poisoned when you enter your rage, any such effects are suspended for the duration of the rage.

Critical Eye

At 14th level, the cold clarity in your mind lets you spot the weaknesses in an opponent’s defenses both in and out of your rages. Your weapon attacks score a critical hit on a roll of 19 or 20.

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