Path of the Blood Sage

By choosing this path at 3rd level you can channel the primal magic that flows along with your blood, unlocking mystic powers as it leaves your body. When you’re wounded you enter a state of transcendence, as the spirit of your sublime rampage outlasts your flesh.

Mystic Blood

You begin to channel the mystic energy in your blood to change how it behaves. This command over your blood is represented by bleed levels. You start with a bleed level of 0 and it can’t go lower. You start being able to raise your bleed level to 2. You unlock new bleed levels as you grow in mystic power. Once you reach the level in this class listed in the Minimum Level column, you can raise your bleed level to that level.

Once per turn while raging you can increase your bleed level by 1 to do one of the following:

  • After you make an attack roll, roll a d6 and add it to the roll.
  • As a reaction to taking any non-psychic damage, reduce the damage dealt to you by 1d6 + your Constitution modifier.
  • Increase your walking speed by 15 feet until the end of the turn.
Mystic Blood Table
Bleed Level Minimum Level Sanguine Sacrifice Master Ability
1 3 If you would add your proficiency bonus to a Constitution saving throw, instead only add half your proficiency bonus. You have advantage on the first attack you make after you become bloodied.
2 3 The first time each turn you take bludgeoning, slashing, or piercing damage, you take 2 additional points of damage. You gain a +1 bonus to your damage rolls with melee weapons. Additionally, weapons that you use count as magical for the purpose of overcoming immunity or resistance to non magical damage.
3 6 You no longer add your Dexterity modifier to your AC when using your Unarmored Defense. Up to a range of 60 feet, you can both communicate telepathically and see invisible creatures and objects.
4 10 You can no longer restore hit points above your bloodied value. While you are in your rage, you can cast misty step 3 times without providing material components. Constitution is your spellcasting ability.
5 14 You are wounded. You gain a flying speed equal to your walking speed.

Controlling the magic in your blood comes at a cost.

You suffer the effect of your current bleed level as seen in the Sanguine Sacrifice column of the Mystic Blood Table as well as all lower levels. The buildup of primal magics from manipulating your blood is unleashed when your blood is spilled. If you are bloodied, you also gain the benefits in the Master Ability column for your current and lower bleed level. When your rage ends, you reduce your bleed level by 1. Finishing a long rest reduces your bleed level to 0.


Starting at 6th level you can sense the intentions of others in their blood. You have advantage on Wisdom (Insight) ability checks.

Ichor Ally

Starting at 10th level you can control your own blood outside of your body. While in your rage, you can use a bonus action to raise your bleed level by 2 to create a blood slime, which appears in an unoccupied space next to you. The blood slime acts on your initiative and is magically able to follow your commands.

The blood slime uses the statistics of a blue ochre jelly, with the following exceptions: it only has 20 hit points, it doesn’t have the split reaction, and pseudopod attack’s damage dice is reduced from 3d6 to 2d6.

The slime lasts until the rages ends at which point it falls into a puddle of your blood.

Numinous Sanguinity

At 14th level your control of the mystic energy in your blood is so complete, you can use it to manipulate your body’s physicality entirely. You can cast etherealness without providing any material components once, and regain the ability to do so when you finish a long rest. When you cast the spell this way, the duration is only 10 minutes. Constitution is your spellcasting ability for this spell.

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