Path of the Carcharodon

When you adopt this path, gain Shark as your totem spirit. You must acquire a piece of jewelry or clothing featuring a shark tooth or teeth. If you wish, your physical appearance may become slightly shark-like, though you’ll never be mistaken for anything other than the race you are.

Savage Bite

At 3rd level, you gain a bite attack when raging.

This is a natural attack that deals 1d6 points of damage. At 10th level, the damage from a savage bite increases to 1d8.

Shark’s Scent

At 6th level, you gain proficiency in Survival, and gain advantage on any roll to track creatures who are not at full hit points.

Depth Adaptation

At 10th level, you become immune to any effects of deep water (either from water pressure or cold).

Additionally, you gain blindsense out to a range of 30 feet while underwater.

Feeding Frenzy

At 14th level, when you deal damage to a creature, you may take a bonus action to make a bite attack against it.

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