Path of the Defender

Those barbarians who follow the Path of the Defender are an organization of barbarians that seek one thing: prevention of wars.

Underwater Rage

At 3rd level, when you enter a rage you gain a swimming speed of 30 feet. If you already have a swimming speed, it increases by 20 feet.

Defender of the Weak

Starting at 6th level, as a reaction when an adjacent ally would be damaged by a melee weapon attack, you can push them into a square 5 feet away and move into their square. You take damage from the attack instead of your ally.

Sea Superiority

At 10th level, when you make a melee weapon attack with a piercing weapon while swimming, you gain advantage on the attack roll. Additionally, when you are attacked while swimming after the attack is made, you can move 5 feet in any direction. This movement does not provoke opportunity attacks.

Invulnerable Swimmer

At 14th level, as a reaction when you are in a rage, you can cause the currents of the water to change their flow when a melee or ranged weapon attack is made against you. The change in the flow of the water causes the attack to have disadvantage against you and all damage against you is halved if it does hit you. You can use this ability once per rage.

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