Path of the Destroyer

For some barbarians, civilization isn’t simply the path not followed, it is a despised institution that they find both corrupt and profane. Perhaps they have been to a city and were offended by what they saw, or perhaps the forces of civilization came to their tribal home and attempted to harm or enslave it. Whatever their initial contact was, it is not a thing they feel they can live alongside, so they seek to singlehandedly destroy it. These characters are antisocial luddites, and they take great pride in being so.

Ferocious Sundering

Starting when you choose this path at third level, your ability to attack objects increases when you rage.

You gain Advantage when attempting to break an item, and you can use this ability against your opponent’s weapon. On a successful hit, you may attempt to disarm your opponent instead of causing damage. The target must make a Strength check with a DC equal to 10 + your Strength bonus + your Constitution bonus. If your target fails, the weapon is knocked to the ground.

Smite the Civilized

Beginning at 6th level, you become especially deadly against human, elf, dwarf, half-elf, and halfling opponents of Lawful or Neutral alignments if they originate from non-barbaric civilizations.

When raging, you deal one additional damage dice when fighting such opponents. For example, if you are fighting with a 17 longsword and normally deal 1d8+3 slashing, you deal 2d8+3 slashing when fighting civilized opponents. When your rage ends, you go back to your standard damage and you lose your Strength bonus to damage for the length of the rage.

Maintain Fury

Beginning at 10th level, you can extend your rage by breaking an item. Typically, your rage lasts one minute (10 rounds), however, you may now maintain your rage for an additional three rounds by breaking any item, whether it be held by an opponent or sitting unattended.

You may not extend your rage by breaking an item held or possessed by an ally. You may do this as many times as you wish so long as you are raging when using this ability. Maintain Fury ends when your rage ends.

Sunder Constructs

Beginning at 14th level, your hatred of civilization allows you to do a massive amount of damage when attacking constructs. When you rage, any attack against a construct deals an extra damage dice, and you receive double your Strength bonus. For example, if you are fighting with a longsword and you normally deal 1d8+4 damage, you now deal 2d8+8. Critical hits generate your normal damage plus this bonus, or 3d8+12 damage against constructs. This ability ends when your rage ends.

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