Path of the Gladiator

Gladiators are the lords of the arena. Skilled both at arms and showmanship, the most successful gladiators are those who can entertain as well as they can fight. Whether slaves fighting for their freedom, captured soldiers pressed into combat, or glory seekers hungry for their name to be known, those that can stay alive while keeping the crowds on their side will find themselves showered with wealth and fame.

Across the Arena

Starting at 3rd level, after moving 20 feet in a straight line while wielding a shield you may use a bonus action to attempt to bash a target of Large or smaller size. Make a contested Strength (Athletics) check. If you succeed, the target is pushed back 5 feet and knocked prone.

Crowd Pleaser

Years in the arena have taught you how to get the crowd’s attention and how to turn them to your side.

Starting at 6th level, you may add both your Charisma and Strength modifiers when making Performance or Persuasion checks.

In addition, you have advantage on rolls to resist the effects of being charmed.

Brutal Mockery

You have learned that the best gladiators don’t just know what to say to get the crowds cheering, they also know how to get under an opponent’s skin with more than just a blade.

Starting at 10th level, when an opponent within 60 feet of you misses an attack roll, you may use your reaction to mock their failure. The target must succeed on a Wisdom saving throw (DC 8 + Charisma modifier + proficiency bonus). If they fail, the target is discouraged. Until the end of its next turn the creature has disadvantage on all attack rolls. You may use this ability a number

No Mercy

When you fight in the arena, you win or you die. There is no place for mercy, no time for second thoughts. You know your opponents wouldn’t give you any.

Starting at 14th level, whenever you attack a prone target while raging you score a critical on an 18- of times equal to 1+ your Charisma modifier, minimum 1 per day. These charges refresh after you take a long rest.

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