Path of the Maenad

The maenads are followers of Dionysus. They wield the thyrsos, a staff that is crowned with ivy, and wear the skin of a panther, a beast loved by Dionysus for being among the most excitable of animals. The Maenads also put a snake over their locks, for Zeus crowned his son with snakes when he let him come out of his thigh.

Throw Thyrsos

At 3rd level you can throw a quarterstaff as if it were a club with no range penalties.

Thyrsos Honey

At 6th level you can cause any staff to drip honey at will.

The honey will sustain three humans per barbarian level for 24 hours.

Stream of Milk

At 10th level, by scratching the earth with your fingers, you can create a stream of milk, enough to sate one creature per barbarian level. Every creature that drinks the milk receives an advantage on attack rolls and Wisdom saves and immunity to fear effects for 12 hours.

Stream of Wine

At 14th level, by striking the ground with your staff, a you can create a stream of wine, enough to sate one creature per barbarian level. Every creature drinking the wine is cured of all diseases, sickness, and nausea; becomes immune to poison for 12 hours; and gains 1d8 temporary hit points +1 point per two barbarian levels (maximum +10). You can perform this ability once per long rest.

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