Path of the Plains Runner

Plains runners are barbarians who spend much of their time hunting prey on foot. They have dedicated their lives to becoming as fast as humanly possible, allowing them to cover distances quickly and catch their prey. In combat, they combine their natural ferocity with their speed to close distance with their enemies, avoid opportunity attacks, and enhance their fighting prowess. With a focus on hunting, they are not overly hostile toward civilized opponents, considering them useful in some circumstances for flushing out or herding their prey.

Aggressive Engagement

Starting at 3rd level, you can cover an amazing amount of ground and make an attack. When raging, you can move twice your normal speed in a round and make an attack. When you gain the Fast Movement ability at 5th level, that extra distance is added to your double move. For example, your normal speed is 30 feet, and you gain an additional 10 feet with Fast Movement. You can now move 60 feet plus 10 feet for Fast Movement, for a total of 70 feet.

This ability ends when your rage ends.

Rapid Withdraw

Beginning at 6th level, you can use your speed to your advantage when facing off against an opponent. While raging, you can use a bonus action to disengage from an opponent that threatens you without provoking an opportunity attack. This ability only applies to a single opponent. You must specify which opponent cannot make an opportunity attack against you if there are multiple opponents threatening you. This ability cannot be combined with the Rush Opponent ability.

Rapid Withdraw ends when your rage ends.

Rush Opponent

Beginning at 10th level, you can use your speed to your advantage when bypassing opponents. When raging, you can advance through the squares occupied by opponents.

Your opponents may still make opportunity attacks against you, but they do so at disadvantage. This ability cannot be combined with the Rapid Withdraw action. This ability ends when your rage ends.

Jump Attack

Beginning at 14th level, you become especially deadly when you jump and attack your opponents. When raging, you must move 10 feet and then make a Strength: Athletics (check) jump check with a DC of 13. If successful, you focus your added momentum to gain advantage on the attack. The attack then does one additional die of damage. For example, if you use this ability and you typically do 1d8+4 slashing damage with a longsword, assuming you make your Athletics check, you instead deal 2d8+4 slashing damage. If you used this ability, you receive disadvantage on your attacks when your rage ends for the length of the rage.

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