Path of the Stallion

The Path of the Stallion calls rider across the untamed wilds to become mounted combatants of great skill and ferocity. Entire nations of barbarians can adopt a nomadic lifestyle with exemplary members of the horde riding down the most fearsome game, leading mounted raids, or collecting tribute from far flung cites at the head of an ever moving war-band.

Magically joining their essences, these barbarians bond with their mount on a spiritual level. They share a wild soul with the companion they ride in battle.

Spirit Tamer

When you choose this path at 3rd level you can bond with a creature that could serve as your mount. As an action, choose a beast or a monstrosity that can see you, is no larger than Large, and has a CR less than half your barbarian level. You must not have harmed it in the last day, nor can the target be intelligent or the companion of another creature. The creature you target must make a Charisma saving throw with a DC equal to 8 + your Wisdom modifier + your proficiency bonus or be charmed by you.

While charmed by you, the creature’s spirit is magically bonded to your own and loyally serves as your controlled mount with great tenacity. If you ride it while in your rage, you can use your action to command the mount to make a single attack, and it adds the extra damage granted by your rage to its damage rolls.

Additionally, the animal instincts of the charmed creature run through you. You can use its bonus to Wisdom or Dexterity saving throws instead of your own. Even while dismounted, this spiritual link remains.

Finally, so deeply are your spirits intertwined that even death can not separate them. You may breath life back into your mount by casting revivify on it without expending a spell slot or providing material components. You must spend 1 hour bonding with your mount before you can use this feature again.

Your bond with your mount lasts until you end it as an action, or until you attempt to charm another creature using this feature. The bond also ends if you die, or if you neglect or abuse your mount.

Blood Kin

At 6th level if you or your mount becomes bloodied, the other can make a single melee attack as a reaction.

If the target is the creature who dealt the damage the caused the triggering attack, the attack roll is made with advantage.


At 10th level, if you or your mount move at least 10 feet forward toward a hostile creature and hit with a melee attack, the target must also make a Strength saving throw (DC equal to 8 + your proficiency bonus + your Strength modifier). On a failure, the target takes additional damage equal to your rage damage and is knocked prone.

This feature can be used by either you or your mount 2 times, and all expended uses are regained when you finish a long rest. If you finish a short rest with 0 remaining uses, 1 use is regained.

Spirit Stampede

You mystic connection to your mount grows to include their ancestors and kin. As an action you can summon spectral versions of your mount’s kind that stampede forth in a 60 foot cone from you. All creatures in the affected area must make a Strength saving throw with a DC equal to 8 + your mount’s proficiency bonus + your mount’s Wisdom modifier.

Creatures in the area take 4d8 force damage on a failed save and half as much on a success. Creatures that failed the saving throw are also pushed back 10 feet and forced prone.

Once you use this feature, you must finish a short or long rest in order to use it again.

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