Path of the Unholy

Their eyes are filled with the oblivion of darkness. When the battle is raging, they gasp with lust and laugh with fierce joy, emitting verses of inhuman creatures. Emptiness and terror surround them while the massacre takes place, consuming their very hearts.

They call them Unholy Barbarians, and in their ranks are counted those rare wild warriors who do not fear the night, but welcome it into their soul.

Many fear the Unholy, as their impulses of wrath are punctuated with madness, which makes them as unpredictable as they are unreliable. The heat of battle takes over in these warriors, blinding them to danger with the sacrilegious darkness that bloats their hearts and moves their arm.

These characters draw strength and fervor from their own soul’s distress. The descent into the oblivion of madness awakens violent and obscure powers along with the insatiable desire to use them: a desire to which they often decide to succumb.

Those who choose to follow this path of brutality and insanity will take strength from the approach of the end, and will weaponize the corruption of their spirit.

Unholy Thirst

At 3rd level, you learn to yield to the temptation of darkness, forgoing fragments of your soul in exchange for a promise of power that can only really be unleashed when pervaded by rage.

At the beginning of each turn while in Rage, you may choose to lose a Soul Point: in doing so, the next Strength-based attack with a melee weapon will deal 1d12 additional damage. If the attack is not enough to reduce the target to 0 Hit Points, you take 1d6 necrotic damage that cannot be resisted or reduced in any way.

Blood of the Soul

At 3rd level, you learn to draw power from the darkness instead of being swallowed by it. When you suffer an involuntary Soul Point loss, you can use your Reaction to gain 1d12 temporary hit points and have Advantage on Saving Throws until the end of your next turn.

On the Verge of Oblivion

At 6th level, you begin to feel more comfortable on the verge of oblivion; one step away from seeing the darkness of your soul reunited with those of the Dark Mirror. While your Soul Point total is below your character level, you ignore the effects of the first five levels of exhaustion (the sixth is fatal anyway).

Dark Devourer

At 10th level, you get nourishment from the essence of the dark creatures that die in your vicinity. If you were in rage within 30 feet of an undead, fiend or an aberration when it drops to 0 Hit Points, you regain an amount of Soul Points equal to the creature’s challenge rating.

Unholy Wrath

At 14th level, your wrath permanently devours what remains of your soul: entering Rage involves a loss of Soul Points equal to your Constitution modifier, and you add your Constitution modifier to the damage inflicted with melee weapons as long as you are in Rage.

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